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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Superpaper, May 9, 2022.

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    I was trying to make a ranking system for my server by regular nms.
    My version was on 1.12.2 that time and it told me that my name (the prefix + player name) was longer than 16 characters and kick my alt account off the server.
    I found a person with the same problem with me who posted a thread about it. In the thread , another person said that versions below 1.12.2 have a limit to how long can a player's name be, which is 16 characters,and recommended switching to a higher version.
    I did that , and upgraded my server to version 1.15.2. But when I ran the command, it kicked my alt again and reported the same problem.
    I can't use scoreboard teams because I need certain people to see the prefix and others to not. I don't think you can accomplish that by using scoreboard teams.
    So is there a way to bypass that or I just messed up with something?


    (I'm a Chinese and can't get my grammar right so sorry if it has some English problems)

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