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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BiometircMC, Dec 17, 2017.

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    I have searched about the internet for a plugin that shows the list of players (in alphabetical order) in a gui. But I haven't found one. So the specific one I'm looking for is, when you do /players a gui pops up with the title "Players". And it lists players with name from alphabetical order. It updates when a player joins/leaves, auto creates pages if the first page is full. And when one (with correct permission) clicks a player's head, it teleports the player to that specific player (might be confusing) Eg: If I were to do /players , gui opens up and I click a head (player) called ApexofSpades, I get teleported to that player. And make it so anyone with the permission can do /players but staff with the permission (like: playergui.player.teleport) can use teleporting function. This will be used for Jr.Mods on my server.
  2. That's not the correct way for requesting a plugin. Read this. That should just be a tipp and not a moral preaching by the way. Your text is very confusing. I don't think that someone will read it completely.^^
  3. I might do this, it'll be 1.8 tell me if you what me to change the version however, this is of cause only if I do end up doing this!
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    Command(s): /players (lists the players)
    Permission: playerlist.teleport (used to teleport to players when clicked)

    If something doesn't work feel free to shoot me a message.

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