Player Control Plugin.

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    How It Works:
    - Works in similar manner as Spectate Plugin

    - Instead of just seeing through the eyes of another player, it instead gives you full control of the person you wanted.

    - The person being controlled would not be able to do anything until the controller stops.

    /Control (player)
    /Control Stop

    Cant spare alot of cash. Best I can do is $20.
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    nice idea...
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    Text can be so misleading.
    Are you being sarcastic?
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    no, this is a good idea :)
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    Well thanks.
    Now if I can find SOMEONE willing to make it.

    No developers willing?

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    Really difficult to do without a client mod.
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    But maybe you can use the spectate plugin as a starting point.

    My idea how the other player can be controlled is this.

    - Once you take control you tp to the player.
    - In a similar manner how spectate appears to just throw ur body into the same space and make it invisible to the other players, it would do that for the one you want to control so they are basically forced to spectate you but instead of their body being invisible your body would be invisible.
    - Then when you move it moves the other player around.
    - When controlling your inventory would swap to what they have.
    - What ever of their stuff you use would be taken out when you give control back.
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    To control movement just use Spectate's method to go to them, then pass an assload of /tphere commands to make them move the way you do. Openinv's methods can cover the inventory similarities.
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    So is it possible?
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    Not in a way that you would want it to work. The bukkit api just isn't as flexible as that. You would need client mods for full access. You would however be able to take control of their inventory and movement (although movement would be very buggy as it would be teleport based).
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    I'd remove the $20 thing. Isn't that against the rules and makes it liable for this thread to be deleted?
  12. It's a old post....

    This is a very old thread.

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    Why would you start posting on a post as old as this? Woah I just did:)
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    Would it be so bad if someone were to re-review this mod? I just read it and I think it's a great idea. And with new bukkit versions, it may be easier to do. Also, I don't see why it would be so difficult. Just teleport you to them and make THEM spectate YOU using similar code from the spectate. Save where they were before and teleport them back when they're done. I don't think anyone looked at it that way.

    If it has to be perfect, theres some additional things that could be done. Combine it with mods that are already out that allow you to view (and use) other's inventories. Use disguisecraft to disguise you as them so you get their skin and name.

    To Pretend Mods (not anyone above, I mean anyone who insists I'm a 'necromancer'): Yes, I could have started a new thread, but thread 'necromancy' is fine if it is still relevant (which I just made). Better than making a new thread and essentially making two threads about the same thing on the front page.
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    You're a wizard, Wolf3

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