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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DevHamboy7765, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    I currently run a server called VoltCraft and am trying to allow players to place hostile mob spawners which they purchase from the shop. It doesn't work. When they place the spawner, it turns into a pig spawner. Any idea why?

    I don't want to get SilkSpawner because it conflicts with my current plugins.

    My current plugins:

    Thank you,

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    Try this:

    This is how you can sell a squid spawner:


    MC Spawner IDs
    Pig: 52:90
    Sheep: 52:91
    Chicken: 52:93
    Squid: 52:94
    Wolf: 52:95
    Mooshroom: 52:96
    Snowman: 52:97
    Ocelot: 52:98
    Iron Golem: 52:99
    XPOrb: 52:2

    Hope this helped! :)
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    I already have that set up but when a user places a spawner, it turns to pig. When I buy the spawner and place it, it's that mob.
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    I think it has something to do with Bukkit. I had the same issue, and It kept happening to me. If you have any knowledge of programming, maybe a plugin that takes control of Mob spawners? I'd have to think about that one.

    you could also try Command blocks. they give exact items
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    @DevHamboy7765 @HeartandSoul
    Spawners turning into pig spawners when placed is standard Minecraft behaviour. The only way I can think of to fix this is to get a plugin for it.
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    You don't have to get a plugin for it. You can if you want to. otherwise, you can make a custom one. Do you know the Bukkit API?
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    You have get EssentialsX for it work with essentials buy signs. If you are using essentialschat it will not work in essentialsxchat. Use another chat formater their are many plugin leaks so have fun.
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    Not necessarily. And please, I know I shouldn't be correcting, but it bothers me.

    Please use proper grammar ;-;
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    Thanks everyone for your help.

    I think the only plugin that will work for this is SilkSpawners. I'll have to find a way for it to not interfere with my current Essentials version or just make my own plugin for it. Thanks again.
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