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    Hey Everyone
    I have a great idea for a plugin that would entice players to use this and it would also be good for not just my server but others as well

    What it does:
    When your spawn in go the world you get given a pick that is LVL 1 and has some bad enchantments, for example eff 1 and fortune 1, and when you mine a certain number of blocks (amount needed can be shown in the lore) your pick levels up and so do the enchantments on it

    /giverankpick (Something like this to give the player the pick they need to rankup with)
    /setpickrank (to set the pick to a certain level)

    pick.lvl (this is given to players that can use the pick and upgrade it, if they dont have the permission they done level the pick up ,this may seem hard to code so if it cant be done then dw about it)

    If you have any other things that you think would go nicely with this then let me know and feel free to throw them into the plugin as well

    If there are any plugins like this allready let me know please

    RGDS - IVIazor
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