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    Hello plugin developers! I need a plugin that will allow users to register ingame or by PHP script on a website. This plugin is not for a cracked server. The idea of the plugin is a login/register system integrated into website. This plugin must allow non-registered players to have all the same features as an registered player. Again this plugin must not prevent non reigstered players from anything that register player would have but allowing the same as an registered player would have.

    Features I need:
    *Player can register ingame without any security warnings or register on the web and the player will get a custom message. Bysically registering from a web needs ingame player vertification so players dont register with some one elses nickname.
    *When logged on the web, it must show logged in players permission group and nickname. If player is logged in into the web he will get access to custom set content or if logged out he wont see the content, this is needed for comment system on the web. Can be done by PHP if statement.
    *Admin. If player has logged on the website and has access to permission, set in group manager he will be able to see content hat guests or members cant see. This can be done by the PHP if statement. This is usefull for website acp.
    *Ready PHP scripts
    *Permission support (phplogin.admin, phplogin.member)
    *Password recovery system ingame and on the website.
    *Very secure online register, login and acp.
    *Even if the player is offline ingame he still will be able to log into website.
    *Safe to store a players password

    /accept - accepts a request to register from the web, this helps players to not register some one elses nickname.
    /decline - declines a request to register from the web, deleting mysql data set in the registration.
    /grantacp playername - allows to bypass all if admin satements on the web when the user is logged in.
    /changepw currentpassword password repeatpassword - Allows for a password change.

    Example config:

    #Mysql dats
    mysql-host: localhost
    mysql-user: root
    mysql-pass: p4ssw0rd
    mysql-db: login
    mysql-tableprefix: login_
    mysql-port: 3266

    #Min password length in symbols
    min-password-length: 6
    #Timeout between each register atempt to prevent from spamming
    time-out: 6000

    Thank you for your time!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    FaniX Why not just use PHP to create a script that checks the login data of the player? No need for a plugin then
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    hmm Sounds like a good idea. If java codes are here I am a PHP developer with MySQL experience. I do know java but I have never created a plugin. I could do it but it would just take much longer lol. But yeah Im willing to do the PHP/MySQL end of things...
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    By the original minecraft login system? So when player tries to log in it will check the minecraft database to see if the player exists and if player exists he will log in? But people that will visit the website won't trust, they might think we try to steal their login details.

    Thank you for willing to do PHP/MYSQL. Now we need a java coder to code the plugin. :)
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Then show them the source code of the page, and minecraft has a certain link that will show if the user uses the right username and password, and stealing their data: they create their own account there, stealing data is always a possibility. And with this method you don't need to store their passwords, minecraft will do that for you
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    Why not have them use their own password for the website? That way they can chose if they want you to have it or a different one. Then Just create a table in the database that will match their emails on the website to the usernames in game. I might be confused on what you are trying to do but this would work.

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