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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Shadowwolf97, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Hello everyone! :D

    Today I have something very special for you all. I have developed a set of classes in PHP that allow you to fetch a players UUID from their username or their username from their UUID. These classes allow you to easily interact with Mojang's servers in order to retrieve player information. I have included a sample bit of code in the documentation of the classes.

    These aren't perfect classes, but they work well and they are free and opensource. Feel free to Star and or Fork my repo. If you have made changes or altered the code, send it to me and I may include it in my repo.

    You can find the classes in my GitHub repository. https://github.com/Shadowwolf97/Minecraft-UUID-Utils

    Let me know if you use this anywhere, I'd love knowing that I made someone's life easier with my work ;3


    EDIT: If you use my classes, you should cache the data you retrieve from Mojang's servers. This script is not intended to constantly connect to Mojang as that might annoy Mojang and cause a higher amount of traffic.
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    Looks good! I hope to see great things from this :)
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    Wow! :3 Thanks for using it in such a useful suite of tools :3 Makes me feel like I made something 100% useful! lol
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    Ooh, nice. Saw that turt used this c:
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    Nice ;D We use this for Minecast.
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    Great util, might use it when I start with PHP.
    For the people who need this in java, you could check out this.
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    I cache now every username + uuid (http://mcapi.sweetcode.de/#uuid) only the first request is slow.
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    I use this on Minecraftuuid.com and it works vary nicely! Thanks!
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    What version of PHP is this for? I'm having trouble with the tool not always getting the UUID for a player. It works about half the time I use it.
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    Perhaps caching the results would help.
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    Caching only really helps when you have a result cached.
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    Obviously. You said it worked half the time you use it. Are you constantly checking the uuid of the same player and hitting refresh?
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