[PEX] Step by step permission instructions (basic)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Deonasoto, Sep 29, 2012.

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    What permission are you trying to add to that user? The command needs one last variable added to the end of it like this "pex user DGKbeast add thething.youare.adding" . If you're on step 5 of this tutorial thing, the thing at the end of the command is * . So, "pex user DGKbeast add * ".
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    I am trying to allow me to do ingame commands
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    Nice tutorial! Thank you =D
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    So, Do what JaguarJo said, but put your name in instead.
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    When i try to set the default it says unknown command! pls help!
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    I set the default group in the permissions.yml but when a player joins he/she is not the rank i made why?
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    The reason u are having this problem is because u have not created the group that you are trying to set as your default group
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    You use inheritance. Take a look at this.
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    Whenever I type 'pex user cscscs11 add *' It doesn't say anything on the console, not even that it is wrong, please help me, I want my prison server to be launched in a few days.

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    I was able to create a group, but if I try /pex user [yourname] add it won't work and just comes up with "Error in command syntax". Help would be nice.
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    How to I give * to a person for only one world?
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    It doesnt show up as [Owner] (MyName) ingame. Help me plz

    Don't use / in console. Its that or something else.
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    PermissionsEx must not be red to work tho.
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    How can I add all the permissions to one group without adding each individual one?
  15. I tried all the steps and i am having the same problem as some others, my name just turns blue and nothing happens about a prefix or anything, i added chat manager and it doesn't do anything to help and i also checked my permissions.yml and i am under Owner, please help!
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    I do have the PermissionsEx name when I type /pl, but when I start typing in the commands, nothing happens.
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    Worked for me, even since the thread is almost 3 years old, TY <3
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