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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zombie6ft, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Alrighty, so here's what's happening.
    I have the groups setup, they have their permissions, they have they're ranks, but when a person is assigned to the group, they aren't getting the permissions that the group has. Now I'm getting the distinct impression that I am missing some key factor, but I've checked, and double checked the tutorials and am not sure what is going on. I've tried /pex reload and restarting the server and it still isn't giving the users their permissions (when I /pex user insertheirname it is showing the group they are in, and then showing that they have no permissions, but if I /pex group groupname the it will show that the group has a bunch of permissions).
    Console copied example :
    [04:00:51 INFO]: 'moderator' inherits the following groups:
    [04:00:51 INFO]: Group moderator's permissions:
    [04:00:51 INFO]: 1) (own)
    [04:00:51 INFO]: 2)* (own)
    [04:00:51 INFO]: 3) modifyworld.* (own)
    [04:00:51 INFO]: Group moderator's Options:
    [04:00:51 INFO]: rank = "500"
    [04:01:27 INFO]: 'Iggysbigben' is a member of:
    [04:01:27 INFO]: moderator (rank 500 @ default)
    [04:01:27 INFO]: Iggysbigben's permissions:
    [04:01:27 INFO]: Iggysbigben's options:
    Giant thanks to anyone who can help :D
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    Hopefully we can get this figured out. Can you paste your permissions file with pastebin to make it easier for us to sort this out?
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