Pex command out put disabler

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Need_Not, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Name: no pex output

    Features: when you don't have the permission node pex.output
    Then when you set a user's suffix or prefix there isn't a thing in chay that says like user <name> suffix/prefix is set to ""
    But instead nothing happens in chat
    Cmds /no-output on/off

    Need it by:
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    I'm not sure what do you mean. So far as I know, PEX only logs into console, meaning you will see those messages only if you are OP. Do you want to remove server logs to OP players or something?
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    Yes that or the disabler because I am using my command so when they do /tag a gui pops up and thay gui has tags so if they paid for a tag they get the permission to run /tag_<tag> if they don't own it nothing happens but if they do it runs the pex CMD as op so they get the pex out put
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    Just curious, why do you have OP players buying permissions?

    Btw if you want to disable that, go to your and set

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