Personal Property within a protected area.

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    devoid v3

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, or maybe it is if it hasn't already been done. We are looking for a plugin kind of like factions but allows for small areas of personal property, meaning a player owned peice that even members of the same faction cannot modify.

    Basically we have 3 "kingdoms" and we want members of each kingdom to be able to buy / lease areas for personal building thats protected from other members of the kingdom as well as opposing kingdoms.

    The closest I have found is to use Residence with subzones....
  2. Towny?
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    devoid v3

    we really didnt want to have a "mayor" for each faction we were going to use npc's we wanted people to be able to join one of the kingdoms and have a private plot of land within that kingdom without a single person overseeing the kingdom
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    I want to see this too. I've seen PreciousStones, but that is way to compicated and it annoys my users. Every time they place a lapis block, it protects some area and they can't build for some reason. I know WorldGuard has the ability to create buyable zones, but I've never tried that. I would also like something where a user can place a block and protect a small area (like 20x20x20)

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