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    I had this (I think) quite simple idea while speaking with my players in my small PVP server.

    I'd really like a way for my players to be able to set personal waypoints for themselves via a quick command, and then use another command to point their compass at it.

    The idea behind it is that when roaming around looking for targets to kill and hideouts to rob, if you find someone's active base that doesn't have much treasure in it, you can mark the location quickly and discreetly, and then move on. A few days later when you want to check back, you can point your compass at it and head out, without having to check the notepad file you wrote his coordinates in, then cross-reference them with yours, figure out which way to walk, etc. Likewise, after robbing someone's far-off base you can quickly have it point you back home or to whatever safespot you so choose.

    I personally want to discourage the use of F3/Coordinates as much as possible, as Notch thought it was a good idea to put immersion-breaking monster tags over everything. (speaking of which I'd love to be able to disable F3 entirely server-side, but I imagine that's totally impossible though as it's all on the client.)

    Just as a suggestion for syntax (this doesn't really matter to me, I just want it short and memorable) I was thinking something like:

    /WP SET <waypointname> (aliased as /WP S <name>)
    /WP POINT <waypointname> (aliased as /WP P <name>)
    /WP RESET (this is to reset back to pointing at the spawn point, but isn't required - they should be smart enough to set a waypoint at their own hideout)

    Obviously the waypoint databases need to be tied to each player, I don't want people using others' waypoints. Plus I have a feeling there'll be a few very common names that get used by nearly everyone, and conflicts would definitely crop up. (Quick ninja-edit: There should probably also be no real limit to the number of waypoints everyone can set. I can picture some of my players setting QUITE a few. Does that point a finger at SQLite, maybe?)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it really is as simple as I imagine to whip up.
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    As much as I'd love this plugin, what's wrong with jotting down a few xyz coordinates?
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    Mostly that I like to have a bit more "immersion" within the server (not that typing a console command is very immersive, nor is having a compass point anywhere but north) but this plugin would, in my opinion, be a hell of a lot better than jotting down the xyz.

    Also, as I mentioned before I can't stand the F3 button's "extra" stuff. If I'm in the wilderness at night, trying to get my bearings to head back to my safehouse and I hit F3, all the monsters hidden behind trees and in valleys all light up with a nice bright, shiny ID# over their heads. This really bothers me, to the point where I wish I could disable it for all my players too.

    Not to mention it'd be nice to have a way to have "live" directions on screen while still being able to read the chat. A compass in the hotbar is a hell of a lot less distracting than that ridiculous graph in the bottom-left of the F3 window and all the text it overlays.

    I read somewhere in my searches for "compass" on the forums that the hooks for player compasses have been broken somehow, so this may be completely not possible at the moment. If anyone could confirm that I'd appreciate at least knowing.
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    I'm 80% sure that atm setCompassTarget() is broken, so I don't think that this is possible :/
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    at any rate maps will soon make this moot

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