Solved [Perms]Explain what "groupmanager.noofflineperms" is?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MaliciousMan, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Can't find what the node: groupmanager.noofflineperms is used for.

    The wiki says it's, "Denies all permissions if server is in offline mode."

    Could someone tell me specifically how to use it?

    My server is an online-mode server BUT when I need to test ranks I turn it offline, and use a cracked version of MC to log in with different names and assign them ranks to test the commands.

    (I own an MC account, check my profile, I linked it.)

    Synopsis: Online mode server, offline mode to test ranks, worried the node: groupmanager.noofflineperms may do something when in offline mode, need an explanation.
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    Noofflineperms is where if someone logs into he account on a cracked client while the server is offline. It won't give them perms. I've seen that in GroupManager perms and to be perfectly honest PEX is better and easier.
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    Whoa, that seems really useful! Thanks man.

    So to clarify, if a player has this node, it will deny him/her of ALL other perms, if they log in using a cracked client?

    What if this node is negated?

    I used to use PermissionsEX, it was buggy for me as I had command blocks executing rank changing commands and I believe I posted multiple times, and there was little to no support for my specific problem. I heard it was stabilized in their current updates, but I have already switched to GroupManager. GroupManager also offers globalgroups, which is now essential to my server xD.

    It shortens the hassle of finding plugin-specific nodes in a giant list because I can have defaultgroups for each plugin and hide individual plugin globalgroup trees.
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    Yes basically it will turn ur player into a blank rank untill the cracked account has gone. If te node was negated skimpily they can do all the perms u set the ran the player is at to do. You can simplify add a Login plugin tho o stop people getting in there account with a password.
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    Ok, cool. thanks for clarifying.

    For future visitors, adding "-groupmanager.noofflineperms" to any rank will only give the rank's perms to players running the official/bought version of Minecraft. If they are using the cracked version, no perms are given.

    Negating/denoting this node "- -groupmanager.noofflineperms" will simply give that player his/her rank, not depending on if they're using the cracked version or not.

    This node should only be used on "offline-mode" servers. Negate it to all ranks if your server is a normal/online-mode one.
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    Btw it's ok if u don't know, it took me a while to notice.

    And well done u explained that exellently

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