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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by onitrix3, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Recently we've been starting to develop Lumicraft 2.0 but we encountered a problem.
    Our prefixes doesn't show up when you add people to a group with a suffix in it. But when you do it manually it goes all weird and is formatted like this ->

    [suffix][Prefix]Nick[suffix]: Text
    While it should be
    [suffix][prefix]Name: Text

    Thats my permissions file.
    We do have alot of ranks indeed and it might look unorganized but with the development we've been working hard.

    The issue i will link you to is with the rank Keepers at line 705.
    Whenever i add myself to that group whilist still being in group owner it formats like this ->
    [suffix]Name[suffix]: Text
    Wich is quite annoying as the suffix and prefix is both needed and is vital to the server.

    I will also post my chatmanager file:

    If there is anoyone that can help me please do.

    Thanks in advance,
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