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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xyrde, Dec 4, 2014.

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    You spelled inheritance wrong, copy and paste this: inheritance
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    Do not copy and paste to your config/setup files. Always manually enter the change. Even though in many instances a copy/paste will work it is a bad habit to form since it can cause certain unseen characters/formats to be passed with a copy/paste that could corrupt your file.
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    That's a true fact, don't copy it ;)
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    Xyrde One other thing, the inheritance section is not part of the options subsection. It should only be indented 4 spaces, the same way the permissions section is and each inherited group should be on a separate line. Example:
          prefix: '&8Coal '
        - Noob
        - essentials.kits.Coal1
        - essentials.kits.Coal2
        - essentials.kit
        - essentials.ptime
        - essentials.workbench
        - playervaults.size.3
        - essentials.sethome.multiple.Coal
    Oh, and this is a big one. You've got an infinite inheritance loop happening because your Noob group is inheriting from Coal and your Coal group is inheriting from Noob. This will make the whole thing crash. Inheritance needs to be setup in straight lines, not circles.
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    Fanks guyz!
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