PermissionsEX, Essentials won't work unless opped

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dlmeeusen, Mar 22, 2014.

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    I am running Bukkit 1.6.4 on a Windows 7 machine with PermissionsEX and Essential. When people login they cannot interact with anything until I add their names to the ops.txt file. Is this normal? Nothing in my Pemissions.yml or Essentials' config.yml works until the user is opped, then everything works.
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    If the players can't use anything, Try to add this permission to all groups in your permissions.yml
    That permission allows all players in the group to use everything!
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    pastebin permissions from pex. also are you using modifyworld iwith pex? and giving modifyworld.* to everyone? (unless you need specific restricitions on basic interactions)
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    I am out of town until tomorrow. I will try the suggestions when I get home. I think I have everything covered. This is a pastebin of my permissions.yml file

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    dlmeeusen if what was suggested above does not work, make sure you are not using more than one permissions plugin. I have seen people have Essentials Group Manager without knowing it and then having PermissionsEx as well.
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    NP and checked your Pex file dont see any 'obvious' issues with that. Grab a list of your plugins and even bukkit version and I see a modifyworld.* you gotta give that to everyone (or the proper perms you want for modifyworld) or they'll never be able to build. Modifyworld can remove perms to build and stuff regardless what pex says (its designed that way I believe)

    addendum: flipped thru it again, just making sure you arent having people defaulting into 'criminal' are you? I see you got modifyworld perms somewhat on 'default'.

    also check out /pex toggle debug << that will help alot on figure out why perms are failing and commands supposed to be blocked or not and not working as intended.
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    I added to the default permissions and I have stopped getting the message "You are not permitted to interact with ..." Thanks I copied someone else's PermissionsEX YML. I can't imagine why they didn't have that one listed.

    People are not defaulting to Criminal. The proper prefix is appearing before users in each group.

    I have ModifyWorld and had included the permission in each group. Now that things are working, I have left the permission in default and will let the inheritance carry it forward to each group.

    I am not using another group manager. My plugins are:

    I will not insult anyone's intelligence by saying I understand all of them, but these seem to be doing what I want. Now that I we don't have to op everyone, maybe my grandson will have a little more control over this world.

    Thank You!
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    yeah its a layered perms system thats the tricky part.
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