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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by hectorsouthern, Jul 28, 2012.

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    I have set up PermissionsEx and when i moved it into my server, (different server to the one I was making it on) It started making Double Prefix's (If my Prefix was set to say "Owner" in game it would say "Owner Owner" <message>. Even if I change the prefix they both change. I have also checked that there are no other chat plugins and checked the ChatManager config and its OK.

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    Have you got Towny or Essentials installed? Both of these plugins (and a lot of others) have built-in chat managers, resulting in multiple prefixes.
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    I have Essentials, I look through it now, is the chat part in the main config?

    Got it, thanks

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    so how did u fix it cuz i got the same thing and i got essentials too
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    prefix being set in both essentialschat, and permissionsex. you just remove one.
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    I worked it out and u dont need to remove essentials or essentials chat u just need to change in the essentials main config YAML file the "add-prefix-suffix: true" to "add-prefix-suffix: false" and it fixed it but thanks anyways
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    i have towny, so how to you fix the prefixs mine looks like: [g][Owner]Owner King_Ender
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