PermissionsEX chat problem

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cooldude930, May 8, 2013.

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    There is a gap in front of the < symbol and my rank. Here are the plugins and the pic and it says can not retrieve data. 2013-05-08_19.26.30.png
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    Post chatmanager config and pex config.
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    Also it looks TO ME that its EssentialsChat & Towny messing with it. because ChatManager is off. If you go into the Essentials's main config. goto the CHAT area check the format there. and if Towny has a chat related thing look there too.
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    Chat Manager
    enable: false
    message-format: <%prefix%player%suffix> %message
    global-message-format: <%prefix%player%suffix> &e%message
    ranged-mode: false
    chat-range: 100.0

    PermissionsEX Config

    backend: file
    file: permissions.yml
    superperms: {}

    Also there is a message that says could not retrieve update data is it related?
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