PermissionsBinding for 1.11.2

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dark_Serpent, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Role Playing

    Suggested name: PermissionsBinding

    What I want: Before anything, I want to note that I have made a very similar plugin request here, but unfortunately it is not compatible with newer versions of Minecraft. That user has since been inactive.

    Alright, so what do I want? I made a very quick write-up here on Google Docs, if that tickles your fancy, but I'll do my best to restate everything here.

    The plugin first must be able to turn the words [Bind], [Upgrade], and [Unbind], if placed on a sign by somebody with the permissions "permissionsbinding.sign", DARK_BLUE, like shown here:

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    Binding will give you a set of permissions located in a config. Upgrading will add more permissions for each tier of upgrade. Unbinding will remove permissions that contain the phrase located in the quotes.

    In theory, the config.yml would look something like this:
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    Note: Ignore the example "null" here. Instead of null, lines of lore added after the last line specified in the config will not be counted.

    bindsign This will show all the required entries for the [Bind] Sign.

    Bind This will show what permissions will be added once binding to this sign.

    upgradesign This will show all the required entries for the [Upgrade] Sign.

    Upgrade(1,2,3 ... etc.) This will show what permissions will be added for each tier of upgrade.

    exp This will show how much experience is needed to upgrade to the next level. Experience can be given via the '/permbind addexp (PLAYER) (NUMBER)' command.

    unbind This shows what permissions get removed upon unbinding to the sign.

    weapon This shows what weapon you need in order to interact with all 3 signs under 'Olympus' using Bukkit's default YAML encoding for items, located here.

    There would also be a player.yml that would look something like this:
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    To keep track of each player’s level with each patron

    Ideas for commands:
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    addweapon (NAME OF SIGN) You must be holding the weapon in your hand. This will add the weapon that you are currently holding to the 'Weapon' section of the config.yml

    addexp (PLAYER) (NUMBER) Adds experience to a player's player.yml file



    /viewexp (PLAYER)

    /bindexp would show this in chat:


    Of course replacing Bound and Exp with your current info, saying "None" for both if nothing is bound, with the max exp being how much exp you need until the next upgrade (If there is no next upgrade, perhaps “Exp: MAX” should be shown).

    /viewbindexp (PLAYER) would do much the same, except you can view the stats of another player, rather than just yourself.

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    Used to create signs
    Used to bind to multiple patrons at once
    For /viewexp (PLAYER)
    For /bindexp

    • You can only be bound to a single patron at once unless the user has the permissionsbinding.multiple permission
    • For the sake of simplicity and to avoid conflicts, make it so the player must be holding the weapon in their hand when right clicking on a sign, instead of checking their inventory
    • Ignore durability on weapons! (Swords, bows, axes, etc)
    • /permbind reload should reload all configuration files
    • It must work properly for Minecraft Version 1.11.2
    When I'd like it by: This may be a very basic answer, but ASAP! And of course, massive thanks to anybody who takes up this project! (It's been a while since I've made one of these, so chances are I messed up somewhere or I left out crucial information, please call me out if I did!)

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: It just came to my attention that someone from our Discord server has made the exact same request under the pretense as me. I would like to apologize for the confusion, but I am currently the server owner, not he.
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  2. @Dark_Serpent
    Is there a possibility you could get permission from the other user to update it? If so, I'd happily update it to the latest version.
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    He has been offline for a long time, and I would say no, but it recently has come to my attention that he's still active on Sponge Forums (hope it's fine for me to link his account here). However, because of how the forum system works, it seems I cannot message him until my account comes out of the "new" stage (correct me if I'm wrong). So in the meantime, I can't get his permission.

    If I'm either incorrect or I'm able to contact him in the near feature, I'll be sure to revise this!
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    Bump and update:

    I cannot find any way to receive permission from the other user. Is anyone willing to take on this plugin?
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