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    Im new to bukkit, and I started a server, have a couple of plugins runnig.
    Now I have 1 problem, when someone new joins a server he cant build and grief... So I have to OP him.
    But I have problems with this because he can then do anything with the server.

    All I want is how, do I set roles to players so the wont have acces to op commands.
    But I want them to acces to plugins like worldedit...
    And so that I can protect some buildings so the wont be able to grief them.

    Plugins installed:
    Default Commands
    Pail plus
    World edit
    I am running win 7 x64 with java7.
    Everything is updated to lastest version

    Thanks :)
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    Did I ask something wrong, or noone doesnt know how to do it?
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    You will need to get some type of Permissions plugin so that you can create groups and assign permissions to each respective group depending on what access you want them to have.

    For example, most people have a default group, a moderator group, and an admin group. Default is for regular users of the server and they generally have permissions to use the basic commands for the plugins and the ability to build. While Moderators generally have access to commands like ban and kick, to help moderate the server. While admins have permissions to everything.

    It's not the easiest thing in the world to do but, there are a lot of threads on it and quite a few plugins people use to accomplish this. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but the two most used plugins currently are bPermissions and PermissionsEX.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks! :)
    Helped me a lot
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    Yep you're right Zero, bPermissions and PermissionsEx. I personally use PermissionsEx.
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    Managed to set up everything, works great, but with problems:

    I can build and grief as a normal user, and I have a plugin WorldGuard that protects a area from building and griefing, that works ok, but if I use the plugins world Editor "//wand" tool and use the command "//set air"(which replaces selected area with air) on a protected area, it deletes the protected stuff... Thats bad...Any fixes?
    But I need this command 4 normal users.
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    That is because you are probably set as an admin on your server, and anyways, WorldEdit overrides WorldGuard because it should only be used my admins.
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    I allowed the world edit commands to normal users...
    So I cant fix this? any world edit alternatives, or world guard that wont have theese problems??
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