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    So i downloaded some mini game plugins like Tag and when people try to /tag join or any other stuff it comes up that they dont have permission so how do i let them use that command?? when i downloaded group manager it removes a lot of commands from them and idk how to add perms that they can use i need help!! please!!!!!!!!!
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    Mrcatgamerz Wrong section, this is plugin development.
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    "@Mrcatgamerz Wrong section, this is plugin development."
    Like you helped, jerk.
    Alright, you need a permissions plugin, like Group Manager, PermissionEx, or bPermissions.
    Once you do that you need to make a group and add the permission
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    yes i did i got group manager and added people to builder and in the permissions: i added some permissions like essentials.sell tag.use and event.join and when i start up the server and added the people to the group they still couldn't use the commands for some reason :(
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    please someone who is good at this help!
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    Hi Mrcatgamerz,
    Do you have vault?
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    Mrcatgamerz It would be helpful if you could show us a pastebin of how your permissions look in the groups.yml file. It might also be helpful to show us your server's startup log so we can see that everything is even loading the way it should and check it for error messages.

    There's really not much we can help you with unless we have more information.
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