Permissions.yml walkthrough??

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Draakor, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Hi, I'm an avid Bukkit user. But I just CAN'T seem to figure out how to do the permissions thing! It just doesn't make sense to me! A detailed walkthrough (for dummies, not for YAML programmers) would be very appreciated. O_O guests are disguising as Withers and Giants on my server!
  2. Draakor I assume your using pex?

    Ok so pex normally comes with a premade configuration file.

    Im guessing you want to set certain groups, for example Owner, Moderator, Member and such.

    So lets begin.

    So on your permission file you need to start and create some groups, So to do so you will need to type in groups and define which groups you want with set permissions, so an example below:

    So each group can be built up with set nodes, depending on what you want that group to do
    The nodes must be 4 spaces from the groups out DO not TAB.

    Need any more help. Please inbox me.

    prefix: '&8[&cOwner&8]&f' (Prefix is a customization way to set chat names, for e.g. [Owner] Username:msg )
    - essentials.msg (These are the permission nodes, found at HERE)
    inheritance: (Inheritance is simply allowing a user to interact with other group perms)
    - Mod
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    What in the heck is "pex"?
    And what's a "node"?
    I'm so confused...
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