Permissions Plugin Showdown, Which is the best to use?

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Which permissions plugin do you use?

  1. PermissionsEx

  2. bPermissions

  3. Group Manager

  4. Other

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    PermissionsEx vs bPermssions vs Group Manager

    Before I start with anything, I would like to state that I have heard of issues from all 3 plugins listed. Yes, I have seen and yes, I have read comments from numerous people reporting issues with bPerms and GM.

    I currently use PermissionsEx with Modifyworld, which I find to be an easy, useful combination. From my standpoint, I have not noticed the plugin give me any errors, bukkit errors, other plugin errors, or simply not work. Everything has been great. I use build #170 of modifyworld, slightly edited to not spew out NPE errors about inventory click events and build #377 of PermissionsEx.

    However, it seems that every person I talk to about permssions, they all recommend to get away from PermissionsEx and that anything else would be better. I have spoken to numerous developers ranging from slipcor to md_5, to various server owners and players with opinions. But, nothing has convinced me to change plugins yet. Some even said that the owner of PEX said it was broken, however it somehow manages to stay at the top for most popular permissions plugin.

    So, I'm curious what your opinion is and what you use that seems to work out great. I currently have about 8,000 users grouped. Reading comments for bperms, I notice many users have been reporting console errors outside of yaml configuration issues. I also use wildcards for some groups and * for admin shop, however, if the plugin does not support it, it is not a big deal. Bottom line, I am looking for convincing reasons why I should move away from PEX and/or if another permissions plugin is much faster. Most people seem to shun PEX down, so I would like to know personal experiences and reason why. Note, regardless of which permissions plugin, I would most likely be using the latest and greatest development builds.

    #1. Which plugin do you use and recommend? Why?
    #2. Which plugin out of the three is the fastest in terms of saving, loading, calling permissions/users, etc? Overall speed and reliability.
    #3. Which plugin has the least amount of issues and bugs?
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    I use PEX, works fine with no errors that I notice..
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    i prefer GroupManager, unlike local myths, it does not conflict with any plugin.
    it has a multiworld system, and is fast enough so you dont notice any delays, since unlike PEX, it doesnt store all unneeded info.
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    bPermissions, Priviledges, or PermissionsBukkit are all good choices.
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    I use pex also when i was first opening my server I had no idea what i was doing I started adding mods then figured out i needed a permissions plug in I looked at bperm group manager and pex and since i was a noob pex i was able to figure out faster now i have over 4000 members listed on that one page of pex lol but not once have i had a i think pex is better for noobs like i was but i think some plug ins are tested more for group manager like towny i was in the irc chat room with elgarl and he says group manager is better and he makes towny to run with i guess it depends on the level of knowledge you have..but now im in the position of if its not broke dont fix it...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    PEX is broken. Period. It breaks other plugins. Period.

    It is not a valid contender for "best permissions plugin to use" just like a comfortable car with no engine cannot count as "best car to use."

    To link it again,

    Go ahead, test out the plugin linked in that document. Watch it fail on PEX and work fine with all other permissions plugins (and even NO perm plugins). The plugin only uses Bukkit API to send messages, and it fails on PEX.

    I do not understand this insistence of other users that just because it "works for me!" the plugin is safe to recommend for other users. Dear Bukkit, please stop suggesting a broken plugin for other users.
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  8. Group manager comes preconfigured for Essentials, Towny, and Vanish.
    The permissions it ships with are basically examples and can be deleted, but I think most people find them to a good starting point.

    Essentials sees far more reports of badly configured permissions files from other permissions plugins due to this.

    Groupmanager is probably the most powerful of all the permissions systems, it uses separate config files for each world, but allows inheriting from a global file, and also allows custom mirroring.
    This allows for things like users being in different groups in some worlds or complete mirroring of users across all worlds with a few different group files.

    GM implements superperms far better than Pex for example, and doesn't rely on bad hacks and work-arounds that are required with Pex.

    If Pex didnt exist, I would be able to completely drop permissions plugin support and just use the bukkit api, and know exactly how it would work. Because it does, I need to detect it and code my plugin to behave differently to make things more predictable for all users.
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    PermissionsBukkit is my favorite. I have been using since it was released and I have had very few issues with it.
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    Guess I should switch to bPerms since everyone says PEX breaks the world, time to convert!
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    Its not too hard to convert your perms code to bperms. ;)
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    /p import pex

    Really can't be much easier than that.
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    Do I just leave my PEX folder there or do I have to put my permissions.yml from PEX into the bperms folder and it will convert it there? Thanks for the help TnT (Also your house is still standing xD)
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    Leave everything as is and run the /p import pex command.
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    Thanks, gonna be figuring out bPerms now :)
    Hah, this is fun, when I run /p import pex plotme intercepted it, so I had to go into the plugin.yml to clear the alias, and now towny is doing it! Marvelous.
    O lookie, Heroes wants in too.
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    Thanks for all the responses, really do appreciate it. :)

    So, bottom line, get rid of PEX. However, now it comes down to which is faster. Group manager, bPerms, or other?
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    you arent really going to notice the difference on anything but small servers, since permission plugins are very light weight, but, Bperms.
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    Any particular reason why you recommend bPerms over GM?
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    bpermission pretty easy to use and even to make it easier they have a bpermissionwebgui to make putting permissiong and other thing easier :)
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    I don't have an issue with configuring permissions, so easy isn't a benefit for me. :p What I'm looking for is reliability, support, and performance.
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    i dont. i prefer GM. however you asked for "fastest", as in, resource usage. resource usage of permissions plugins is extremely low, so it doesnt really matter.
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