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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Omnitv, Jul 2, 2012.

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    I'd like to take a moment to reply to this mostly bogus statement.

    First of all I'd like to point out that if you are going to make a help thread you should leave your personal opinions out of it.

    1) All nodes in essentials are intuitive and follow a uniform naming system, and are also listed in a handy command reference on the wiki.
    2) GM is organized differently, which makes it much easier to find things, instead of searching through one massive file.
    3) As Necrodoom stated, that is not even the correct path, showing you obviously do not know what you are talking about.
    4) see #2
    5) Essentials is 100% modular, so it only has the features you use.
    6) There are no issues with Essentials and ANY permissions plugin.
    7) Essentials always defers to the other plugin in the case of a conflict, unless told not to in the config.yml. It does not override any other plugin's commands.
    8) All the commands and permissions are listed on the wiki. Also, as stated before, it is 100% modular.

    In summary, if you are going to hate, try to bring something to the table.

    Also, there are many false/erroneous statements in the OP. anyone following this should be warned.
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    you might want to let someone else do this, someone with a bit more knowledge of setting up permissions. because, using 2 permissions plugin at the same time is always a recipe for disaster.
  5. Just....LOL

    1. Incorrect (no repetitive nodes at all that I've ever seen).
    2. Incorrect (permissions are organized by world).
    3. This shows you have never even looked at GroupManager or it's paths. GroupManager is a stand alone plugin which is packaged with Essentials, so uses it's own paths.
    4. They are in separate files for ease of reading/editing. Preferred by many people, but also allows for kick-ass-world-mirroring, which no other perm system does. GroupManager also came long before PEX and bperms. It's the forerunner of all current perm systems.
    5. I use just about every feature of Essentials (other than warps), and anything you dont' use is disabled (never gets loaded).
    6. Just What are you talking about? Essentials does nothing to PEX or bperms, in fact it works 100% with bperms. PEX is the wild child which a LOT of devs recommend you don't use due to the way it's written using reflection to replace the whole bukkit core permission code.
    7. The absolute opposite is true. Essentials disables it's own commands if ANY other plugin is using them.
    8. Learn the plugin if you want to use it. Your comment is akin to complaining when you clip wing mirrors on your car, claiming it's the cars fault because it was designed badly and your wing mirrors stuck out too far. It's not the cars fault, it's the drivers.
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    the info is completely biased toward PEX. any other permission plugin user using this will have its config broken. i think this may be need a deletion.
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    joshua katz

    Yes, I would also like to point out that it will not only conflict but in the case of PEX and bPerms you will get a nice True/False reply sometimes. PEX does NOT handle "*" nodes correctly and will send back a "False" in some cases. If at the same time bPerms say "True" you have a HIGH chance of killing the server.
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    what plugins do you use?
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    I love you...
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    *glances at comments. glances at omnitv's tut. glances at perfectly working essentials/bpermissions server. glances back at omnitv.* some kids these days. full out punks, thinking they know everything. tsk, tsk, tsk....

    and to clarify, omnitv:

    1. I'm not "trollin", weird itches go away with showers
    2. I've done better research for a 10 page paper in less time it took me to read this, including the comments.
    3. "What is this thread? This thread solves common problems asked by permissions.yml holders and how to edit it." "No, I don’t like essentials nor do I know any understanding of it." "I know how to fix it, and i prefer to do it manually not though the console." One does not simply understand how a plugin works if he only understands the file behind it. the console commands are half (if not more) of the plugin.
    4. if you know you're wrong, why can't you just admit it? is your pride too big, or something?

    PS:someday, you'll look back on this, and realize that maybe you shouldn't pick fights with people that know more than you do.

    sincerely, a guy who has been programming for 5 years, writing plugins for 1 year, and helping servers start for over 6 months, -Octo

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    I see your point there and totally agree but if you have been programming for 5 years you should know that if a plugin has a file based management system, ALWAYS edit the file when possible , Command edits are horrible especially when the plugin doesn't have a whole yml comment retrieval class. yes commands are important to plugins. But for PEX the more commands you use the more confused u get , Dono about bperms but for PEX you definatelly want to edit the file manually
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    True that, but sometimes, owners don't give me access to console, so I've gotten used to doing most of everything from the commands. what I can't do that way, I re-write my own version of the yml and ask them to upload it. :p Yes, bPerms is a lot easier for commands, but a preconfigured MyCommand yml+.jar saves me a lot of trouble too... again, just ask them to upload it in, and all the commands I usually need are rewritten in a way that I find easier to access when I'm not allowed in the console.
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    locked thread, this thread is old and became nothing more than a place for arguments.
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