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    While going through my 22 permissions groups I thought administration would be way easier if players could choose their own set of permissions. For example, I have a bPermissions group for every combination of Mage, Warrior, Rogue - Member, Mod - and Sky League, Forgotten, or Ascended. Really the easiest way for me to hack 22 groups down to 10 would be to remove the groups for each class, and give the member rank a permission to let the player choose their set of permissions. For example, Bob is a Sky League Member, and wants to be a mage, so he types '/MyGroup(or whatever the plugin is called) choose mage'. Then he gets access to all of the permissions saved in the 'mage' grouping in a seperate file.

    Commands and Permissions- & is replaced by the name of the plugin
    /& help
    Shows a list of these commands

    /& desc (group)
    Shows a short, admin designated description of the group specified.

    /& choose (group)
    Gives the user access to the chosen group's set of permissions

    /& default
    Removes the player's access to the group they have chosen

    Example of Configs
    In the Permissions plugin's config (Not this plugins)
      - mcmmo.*          #An example of a permission all members would have
      - iConomy.member    #^
      - Mygroup.choose.mage
      - Mygroup.choose.warrior
      - Mygroup.choose.rogue
    In this plugin's config
    #General settings#
    helpcolor: example    #other options in the plugin config
    notavailible: example
      name: mage
        - magicspells.cast.fireball  #Anyone who chose the mage group gets these permissions
        - magicspells.cast.blink
        - magicspells.cast.conjure
        - magicspells.cast.teleport
      name: warrior
        - magicspells.cast.whirlwind  #permissions people that chose warrior get
        - magicspells.cast.stun
      name: rogue
        - magicspells.cast.multishot
        - magicspells.cast.pickpocket
        - magicspells.cast.lockpick
    Thus, anyone who is a SkyleagueMember, and chose the 'mage' group would have access to these permissions. The only funny business I can think of is that after choosing a group, access to the '&.choose.(group)' permissions would have to be removed, even though they have access to the group which contains them.
      - mcmmo.*
      - iConomy.member
      - magicspells.cast.fireball
      - magicspells.cast.blink
      - magicspells.cast.conjure
      - magicspells.cast.teleport
    When I need it
    No rush, but sooner is better

    Thanks for reading and I hope you choose to help me, I would be very grateful for your contribution to my server, and anyone else who uses permissions.
    Not as a reward, but as a token of my appreciation, anyone who helps make this will receive the 'Scribe' Rank and Title on my server (Equivalent to Moderator, just with a fancier name), and my gratitude. Thanks!
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    :/ have you tried bPermissions, PermissionsEX, Permissions Bukkit, Privleges. There are a few others out there.
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    I havent seen privleges, but I use bPermissions and have looked over PermisisonsBukkit and PEX.
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    Not really sure what you're after with this... Why can't you just keep groups and get a command ranking plugin?
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    The two things I want out of this are
    1. Better organized permissions files and Less duplicates in them
    2. The option for players to choose their group without an admin, because they might not come on when an admin is on.
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    1. Inheritance
    2. Permissions (literally. Give them the node to be able to rank themselves to certain ranks)
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    Im using bPermissions, do you know how to add a permission to choose your rank? I can add tracks, but that allows people to do it to others, and to do it past their allowed rank.
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    You could read its documentation.
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    Yeah im sure if there was a permission for it, it would be listed under 'permissions'. Also the documentation is thr basic workings of the plugin.
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    You could use something like RankMarket

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