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    I have been searching around a lot and for a plugin to simply make different groups have different damage modifiers (not levels like "sword" or "lumberjack" like levelcraft, etc. but just simple damage modifier, especially for pvp). I want to have a system where people get items by winning pvp events and trade them in for a "higher" group. I have seen damage modifier plugins but none that simply changes it for groups. Thanks for any help that can be provided.
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    I second this, maybe with an added permission for armor/health multiplier? :)
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    Are you only looking to modify the damage when attacking other players?
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    A plugin with modifiers for monsters would be nice but I only need damage of other players, for ranked pvp.
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    Hey, sorry guys. I've been crammed with University Math >_>; It's a pain in the butt. After I finish it this evening I'll get this done. If not I'll have it FOR SURE tomorrow morning.
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    THANKS! That is awesome, thank you so much
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    Is this ever going to be made
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    That was a separate request and they had started working on it before I made the request, its is also not what I am looking for
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    My apologies! I completely forgot about this. I have the plugin on my computer but forgot to upload it! My bad!

    I'll get it up here immediatly.

    Here it is: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    One thing I want to be clear of, this is really rough on purpose. Because I wanted to keep it changeable all from within the .yml file for Permissions, currently whatever you set the prefix for the group will become the damage modifier for that group.

    As well, here is the source: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    EDIT: If you're already using prefix's for something like ichat, I'll switch out how it works to an external file where you put something like <groupname>:<damagemodifier>

    That was just for the sake of not having to have another config file.
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    Could you make it a separate config file? I use iChat and I need controllability over simplicity. Can I use decimals for the modifier, like <groupname>:1.25? Damage is measured in quarter hearts so I would have like 4 or 5 increments before the damage difference got really high right?

    Also, this is just a damage modifier right? It doesn't have health modification and does it effect damage on mobs as well? I don't really need those but I think that a plugin with those might help people with custom RPG servers, you might want to consider adding it, Thanks so much.
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    any estimate on when this will be done?
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    My bad, for some reason I wasn't notified that this had been posted. I've got a 10 page essay to write today for one of my classes but I'll get it done once I've got a large enough start on it.
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    I've got a server completely ready to go into beta testing, waiting on this. Any idea when it will be done??
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    I'll do it this evening after my math midterm. I've got nothing of importance schedule for tonight so expect it probably around... 3-4PM PST.

    Sound good?
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    Yes thank you very much
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>



    It will automatically create a folder in plugins called "PDamageModification" with a config file.

    This config file follows the following format for input.


    So, if you want someone in the group Moderator on the world called World2 to be able to do twice as much damage to players you would type

    World2:Moderator: Player:2
    NOTE: Ignore spacing between Moderator and Player, I had to do this because this forum automatically switches the colon and the P symbol to a emoticon.

    If you want them to do twice as much to mobs it would be


    (Both can be active at the same time)

    If you want a player to do HALF as much damage it's

    World2:Moderator: Player:-2

    Fairly straightforward.

    I couldn't do doubles because the accepted input for the .setDamage() method is an integer. :( Sorry I tried my best.
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    So, I can only do 1/2x,1x,2x?
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    You can use any whole integer. So anything greater than 0 or less than 0.
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    Yeah, so I can do x1,x2,x3,x4... But without a health modifier I can't do anything less than a double or half within a reasonable range right (i.e. without having all modifiers at like x5,x6,x7 because without health, it would be too high)? What would -1 be? How exactly does do the negatives work? would -3 be 1/3 or 1/4? It will just affect how I use the plugin, how many increments I can have. Once again, thank you.
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    Yes, that's exactly how it works.

    So for example

    Normal Attack = 1/2 heart
    2 modifier = 1 heart
    3 modifier = 1 1/2 hearts
    4 modifier = 2 hearts
    5 modifier = 2 1/2 hearts

    and so on.

    Now here is the thing, the negatives will ONLY come into effect if the normal damage is above the modifier. If that makes sense.

    So if a player attacks with their fists the normal damage is 1/2 heart right? Well with -2 that's divided by 2 and it SHOULD be 1/4 right? Well sadly the game doesn't let 1/4 so it rounds it down to a 0 aka taking no damage.

    However, if a player attacks with a sword which takes 4 hearts and you have a -2 modifier, it'll take 2 hearts instead of 4.

    HOLD ON, I just stumbled upon a glitch that's doubling those values. Give me a minute.
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    So, in testing, if group A (x1) hits group B (x2) with a fist he does 1/2 heart. If A hits group C (x3), same. When B hits a, he does 2 hearts. If C hits A he does 4 1/2 hearts. If B hits A or C he does 2.
    If C hits A or B he does 4 1/2.
    As far as I can tell, the modifiers work, except they are very off. 1-2 is 4x, 2-3 is 2.25x.

    It would be great, if when the glitches are worked out, you can add a health modifier so we can use integers to make smaller intervals like x9D and x9H vs x10D and x10H or be able to make tank/damage classes by screwing with it. I'm not sure if that would default work with Roles or not but down the line that might be cool too, so you can have like a clan with tanks and dds in it (i.e) multiple groups with modifiers.

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    Yeah the glitch isn't actually with my code. It's with the current Craftbukkit release. I'm trying to find a solution to getting around this :S

    I think I found a solution to this CraftBukkit issue. Can you test this new iteration out and report to me that it's returning proper damage modifiers?

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Alright, I'll look into your health modifier for a future release. I'm about to pass out though so that'll have to make due.
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    Yep, we can at least get off the ground with this, its awesome.
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    Any idea when this will be updated for 1.4?
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    Is this going to be updated at all?

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