Permissions 4.0 PLEASE

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by justin shulman, Dec 10, 2011.

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    justin shulman

    I can no longer use permissions 3.0 anymore because of its effects on my server, However it kills me to use any of the currant permissions plugins which are literal crap. Permissions 3.0 needs to be re-luanched. It is the only plugin that incorporated everything you could need in a simple to understand package. To me and many others a permissions plugin needs
    -simple inheritence
    -simple commands, seen in permissionsplus

    I dont understand how other plugins dont incorporate these thing efficiently like permissions did. Please someone take on this task, and re revolutionize permissions.
  2. SuperPerms are the way to go, my friend.
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    First: Prefix and suffix are not part of permissions. PEX, PermissionBukkit, bPermissions, and I think GroupManager are all SuperPermission manager plugins.
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    PEX has all that.
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    bPermissions has all that in a very easy to use way :p
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    I agree with this. bPermissions is ridiculously simple.
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    To quote @TheYeti "Don't bug me about when Permissions is going to be done. It never will. That project is dead. I am working on something similar though."

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