Permission.yml: What's what.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by resba, May 29, 2012.

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    Is there a page anywhere on this Bukkit help system?
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    That is smart... To be honest, I didn't really get what it was for, and what the difference was between the bukkit permissions.yml and the PEX permissions.yml
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    I use permissions.yml to define groups of permissions and PermissionsBukkit to assign these groups to specific groups/users/worlds. One question I have is, how do I reload permissions.yml? /permissions reload doesn't seem to do it...
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    Why bother if you already have a permission plugin?
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    I have 8 worlds on my server. There are two major permissions groups, group A for 5 worlds and group B for the other 3 worlds. If I were to copy each group into each world (each group is around 30 lines of permissions) then I would have to change it that many times whenever I wish to change/add/remove a permission. So I just define the two groups as server.groupA and server.groupB in permissions.yml and then simply assign those two permissions to each world in PB's config.yml. :)
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    This is a great share thanks, and yes doing something similar to above me. Helps out with the complexity of multi-world permissions!
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  9. Is the Bukkit permissions.yml grouping compatible with PEX?
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    Yes. Anything you define in Bukkit's permissions.yml is known natively to the Bukkit's permissions API (which PEX and any other permissions management plugin use) and can be used anywhere, just like if it was defined by a plugin registering its own permissions.
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    Necro, but thanks.
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    To use Permissions,yml you don't need to be a skilled Tech/ServerAdmin, You just basicly need to know how to even run a server, cause if you know how to setup a Server, you sould also know how to use permissions.yml, yml is kinda hard for some people, but most of the people know how to use it, the problem with it can be that sometimes the ranks/perms get Bugged, that means ofc u did a Mistake, the Mistake can be the lines, or the File itself thats why u can check it with this , if it says its wrong, then u need to fix on something, mostly the Spaces. Hope this was kinda helpful

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    "Mirror worlds"
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    Do /reload or reboot your server. Rebooting preferred.
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    I know that. There should be a better way though. IMO it should be part of PB's /reload command. I don't use permissions.yml on my server anymore though so it doesn't matter to me anymore.
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    Wow. I have over 50 PEX groups, with over 8 worlds per group (with the same permissions for each world). My PEX file is over 40,000 lines long. And it's been like this for over a year. And now today, just randomly strolling along into this forum, you've just made managing my permissions file so much easier and efficient. Thank you.
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    I would recommend essentials groupmanager for you.
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    Can we get this in the Bukkit HELP forum? 50% of people who go THERE need permissions help as well.
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    May I ask why this is not locked even tho it's stickyed TnT
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    cause they want to know if it helped
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    Oh... I never use Permission.yml before.. :(
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    Rather than using the default permissions.yml, you need to use a plugin such as PermissionsEx. There is a wiki for it, so just read that. It's somewhat easy to use.

    As for your question, you have to deny users from using the following permission node: bukkit.command.plugins. In order to negate it, you simply add a '-' in front of the node so it would look like this: -bukkit.command.plugins

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    Thanks I'm gonna need this. Saved as bookmark!
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