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    Suggested Name: PrefixSign
    Plugin Category:

    Features / Requirements:
    - 1.8 Compatible
    - Compatible with EssentialsChat + HeroChat
    - Compatible with PermissionsEx + GroupManager + bPermissions
    - Per color permission
    - Per text-effect permission
    - Admin/Op able to remove any player's prefix created by PrefixSign, then automatically set it back to original defined prefix in PEX or GM.
    - The custom prefix setting will be stored in the config.

    Suggested Config:

    Sign Setup:
    You can type whatever into line 2-4
    Line 1 will be the system prefix defined in config.
    If the value is "none", &e[&aPrefix Sign&e] will be used

    Custom Prefix Creation Process:
    1 - Player rightclick the sign.
    2 - Player enters prefix setup process. + Display messages:
    "%systemprefix% &aPlease respond in chat!"
    "%systemprefix% &aType &4cancel &ato exit without making changes!"
    "%systemprefix% &6Allowed Codes: *codes that is allowed to use for that player*"
    "%systemprefix% &6Type a prefix with codes that you wish to change to."
    3 - Player types the prefix he wants.
    4 - Display messages:
    "%systemprefix% &6Is this what you wish to change to? : *prefix that the player typed*"
    "%systemprefix% &6Type &ayes &6 or type &4cancel!"
    5 - If Cancel: "%systemprefix% &4Prefix setting process cancelled."
    - If Yes: "%systemprefix% &aEnjoy your new prefix!"

    Ideas for Commands:

    (If not admin say: "&e[&aPrefixSign&e]&4 Insufficient Permission")
    [Command Color: &e] [Desc Color: &b]
    /prefixsign help - Display available commands
    /prefixsign editline <linenumber> <text> - Edit line on sign. (Only 2-4)
    /prefixsign removeline <linenumber> - Remove line on sign. (Only 2-4)
    /prefixsign setprefix <player> <prefix> - Set other player's custom prefix.
    /prefixsign removeprefix <player> - Remove player's custom prefix.
    /prefixsign reload - Reload PrefixSign config.
    (Display after reload: "&e[&aPrefixSign&e]&r Config Reloaded"
    /prefixsign version - Display PrefixSign version

    Ideas for Permissions:
    prefixsign.usesign - Can use the self service sign.
    prefixsign.color.[colorcode] - Can use specified colorcode.
    prefixsign.color.* - Can use all colorcodes.
    prefixsign.effect.[effectcode] - Can use specified effectcode.
    prefixsign.effect.* - Can use all effectcodes.
    prefixsign.bypass.wordlimit - Bypass prefix word limit
    prefixsign.admin.createsign - Allow to create self service sign.
    prefixsign.admin.removesign - Allow to destroy self service sign.
    prefixsign.admin.setothers - Can set other player's custom prefix.
    prefixsign.admin.removeothers - Can remove other player's custom prefix.
    prefixsign.reload - Can reload the plugin.

    If you have questions reply as comment.

    -Ever Temple
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