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    I'd like to see one of 2 things. A plugin for worldguard that lets me set flag "lightpassthrough : allow" so that the area will allow light to pass through and touch every block inside. as well as go to every block under it. Any light source that is. Aka during the day my space ship will be fully lit up, and the ground below it will be unaffected by shadows and mob spawns. While at the same time during the night, only the inside of the ship will be lit up if I have light sources inside of it and the ground will have the same darkness as the rest of the map at night.

    A separate plugin that allows the same results. I'd prefer the flag thing for world guard though.

    Is this possible?
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    I suppose it's not possible then? Or is there just no one willing to try and answer this?
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    You know, light is a pretty hardcoded feature in minecraft and doesn't really have an api yet, so I think it is possible, but will be pretty hard, and useless if you can just use worldguard.
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    I want it added into worldguard's code so I can use /rg f region lightpassthrough allow/deny/unset (allow lights the area to the time of the day as if there were nothing blocking the light, deny makes it always dark, unset allows the world to decide like normal)
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    As far as I know, this is not possible.
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    I think we currently have enough issues with light level updating and shadows.
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    well i've got black spots on the ground from having a ship 150 blocks higher than the ground. Kind of annoying really because 90% of the time, the sun is technically shining over the area and perfectly visible from the random black spots on the ground. :p

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