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    Please format your post (format can be found in the [READ ME FIRST] sticky).

    Also, you're going to have to give a bit more detail -- You need to list the special skills. All of them. Everything that you want has to be explained in the OP. :)
  3. I fixed it becuase i noticed it so i was doing it befor you said that so thanks
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    Good. :D G'luck with a dev!
  5. Tx:)
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    No need to have a plugin made... Please search before posting...

    Use that to purchase permissions

    Use that for your sneak request

    Use that for your jump request

    4: Invisibility was a difficult one, and you may need that custom made but try or

    Use that for speed request

    I repeat, SEARCH before requesting!
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    Well he doesn't just want commands, he needs it purchasable on signs. Please read full post before accusing the poster. THX! :p
  8. lol Thanks
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    AeroFreak Yes please read my entire comment... Haha you tell me to read the entire post... I added a plugin where you can purchase permission nodes... ; D
  10. I look at all of the plugins you listed i dident like any of them
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  12. Because I require what I have listed in one plugin with the commands
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    I'm pretty sure there is a plugin that lets you "name" your commands. But i can't be bothered finding it on my phone
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    I would love to make this for you, however i don't know how to get sign text, it always seems to fail for me.

    Plus i'm burnt out, pushed out a few plugins today and not wanting to do it again =P
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  15. Its Fine thanks for looking at my post

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