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    name of the plugin: per-world-echest
    version: 1.19.3

    what i want: a plugin that separates the enderchest of each world, so for example, in the world "terra, terra_the_end, terra_nether" the enderchest is different than in the worlds "vanilla, vanilla_the_end, vanilla_nether"

    no need for commands or permissions
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    Are you still needing this? I can start working on this for you!

    Hi! @Meiallu, I just wanted to leave a little update.
    It's been a minute since I've worked in Object Oriented Programming w/ Java, so sorry for the time it's taking.

    So far I have separate ender chest records saved to a file for players saving it with their UUIDs. Tomorrow I will work on adding any lore and enchants to the saving of the items so they will not be lost in serialization! This should be done in another day or so.
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    Okay, the plugin is finished!
    When the player opens an ender chest it grabs the world names and checks against a data file to see whether or not the player already has data for that world's ender chest. If it does, the data in the file will be deserialized and placed into the inventory that is opened. Once the inventory is closed by the player, the plugin will grab all the items from the inventory and serialize them to be stored in the data file.

    If you need anything modified or added let me know!

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