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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tails_Prower_24, Aug 24, 2015.

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    Hello! I am making a single server with seperate worlds for minigames, survivl, factions, ect... And I want players to (for example) buy an item from the shop (lets say it's 20 obsidian for Factions), how would the system give the player the item SPECIFICLY FOR FACTIONS? Is there a command to it or is it a plugin? Thank you for your help!

    PS: I do already have a plugin that seperates world inventories.
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    Well if the shop is in the Factions world and they buy something, they should only have it in that world since you have per-world inventories set up.
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    @oceantheskatr I meant from the site store (hard money). What command would I have to run to give the item to that player FOR that world? Or is it a plugin?

    I don't want them to buy an item from the shop and then give it to the player in the incorrect world. (for example [player buys product for factions but he/she is currently in the spawn world and gets the faction item at spawn and then have separate inventories between factions and spawn.])
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    Hmm, I see what you're saying. You could put in big red words "Make sure to be in Factions world". If I think of something a bit better then I'll let you know.

    EDIT: Additionally maybe you could make it give them a custom lored item? (Since players can't fake that) So then it'd be something like:

    give {name} tripwire_hook 1 name:&5Buycraft_Key lore:Factions_20_Obisidan

    and you could have a Shopkeeper be able to trade that custom item for 20 obsidian at spawn? Then, if a player gets it in the wrong world then it'll be proof that they got that (without an admin or whoever having to check Buycraft).

    Check out attached pics, network I work for does that.

    (In my case it's from voting, and when the player votes they get one Vote Dye, so when they have five vote dyes they can trade them for a vote pick :)

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    ahh very clever idea! I'll do it!
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    :D Yay! Let me know how it goes. Also, what you could do is make a kit with that item, then just do kit obsidian20 {name} and that should do it.
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    Wait.. There is a problem with that. If the player buys the item on donationcraft while in spawn, that means that they will not be able to get the trade-in to factions and trade it in.
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    Then they have proof that they got it, and an admin can take the item and give them 20 obsidian in Factions, as it's going to likely be a rare occurrence of having to do that anyways.
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    But if a person in Survival makes the item and shows it as "proof" to the owners that they "accedentally" bought it in the Survival world. I need a custom item that is uncraftable. Or a plugin to give an item in that world. I think those are my options.
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    Remember, it would have custom lore, too. Only people with access to /i or /give can replicate it, and for them they'd just give themselves the material lol.
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    So for a kit it'd be something like:

    - 131 1 name:&5&l20_Obsidian lore:&6Reedem_at_/warp_merchant_to receive_20_obsidian.

    And for /i or /give it's pretty much the same:

    /i 131 1 name:&5&l20_Obsidian lore:&6Reedem_at_/warp_merchant_to receive_20_obsidian.

    /give <username> 131 1 name:&5&l20_Obsidian lore:&6Reedem_at_/warp_merchant_to receive_20_obsidian.

    I'm pretty sure the tripwire hook is item ID 131.
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    But will the villager trader thingymagiger accept a normal tripwire hooks? A tripwire is 131 nomatter what.
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    It will have to match the same name and lore. Make sure to use Shopkeepers! :)

    It's very easy to set up, and you can test for yourself and see that it doesn't accept normal tripwire hooks if you set it up with one that has a display name and lore.
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