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    For example, we have /userworlds/base for which further worlds are to be a direct copy of.

    When a player logs in /userworlds/*username* will be created and is a direct copy of /userworlds/base, meaning everyone will be able to have 1 personal world.

    Would this be possible? Or has it already been done? The reason I want this is I would have a puzzle server, and I do not want (of course) 1 person to complete it and I would have to reset it. I also want them doing it on their own, with no help. I will have some communal areas where all players can meet though.

    It would be brilliant if someone could create this, or perhaps I am looking in the wrong place and it has already been done?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. You know that this would increase you RAM and CPU usage very much?
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    I am guessing this next requirement may be a bit far fetched, but if a player goes to a 'marked' world...
    Called puzzels/1_temp

    They will be redirected to /userworlds/*username*/1_temp and create there own personal copy. Prehaps in a config file worlds could be marked as 'personal', meaning a duplicate would be created just for them.

    Yes, I am aware of that but it would only be a limited number of people doing these activities, lets say 10.

    + I would by using a world-border plugin to make sure no one goes wandering off and rendering out their private worlds.

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    I would be willing to pay for the persons lattes they drink while writing it ;)

    And a bit extra for the actual writing itself of course ...

    1 thing I would like, is to set a limit to the amount of user 'private worlds.' I am not so sure on the matter but then no-one is at a world in the multiverse, does it still take up RAM and/CPU, or is it such a small amount it wouldn't matter?
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    Even though this thread is a little bit old... I recently (and with 'recently' I mean 3 days...) started a plugin like this. It is in a very early development state so most of your requested features are not implemented yet, but I am likely to implement these.
    You may want to check the plugin out: MonoBoxel

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