Per player recipies!

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    Per player recipies!

    Suggested name: PPR - Per player recipies (or whatever)

    What I want: A mod that adds recipies (books) to the game that teach how to craft items, it should be fully costumisable so it has many uses. It should support every recipie even from mods. Recipies should be in grps depending how you can get them. Also a reserch system where you place ink and paper on a crafting bench to make random recipies.
    basic - you get this from start
    reserch - you can reserch this
    loot - rare loot from specified mobs (configurable drop chance)
    dungeonloot - can be found in dungeons
    unobtainable - recipie is disabled
    This way there unique to minecraft way of progression.And if set up correctly it can mean some realy interesting things in economy on servers and also how players need more to interact with each other (they may need something crafted by someone else)

    Ideas for commands: /recipie - shows a basic guide on how the plugin works

    Ideas for permissions:
    player.canlearn - allowes to learn recipies
    player.canedit - allowes to edit recipie grps

    When I'd like it by: I can wait if it will be made, but pls contact me if you make this (I would love this!!!)

    EDIT: I had this idea for ages I made many posts about it in the minecraft forums!
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    Very, very nice :) i will do it :)
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    Im glad to hear that! :)

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