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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by ProfessorStellan, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. So I have been looking for a while but I can't find the perfect thing. I am wanting a plugin that will make your nametag a certain prefix based on what your pex group is. It needs to support 1.10 and colour codes. I don't care if it has dependencies.

    People are having trouble so here you go
    Name tag: The name that appears above your head (which I want a plugin that makes a prefix on your nametag based on what PEX group you're in)

    Chat tags: What your chat display name is (the thing I don't want)

    Do not recommend these plugins:
    - PermissionsEx
    - GroupManager
    - Tablist2
    - NametagEdit
    - Really if you aren't a plugin developer and are willing to make me a free plugin that does what I say then just don't reply

    This is actually meant for bukkit, I didn't see the thing when scrolling through the forums and made this thread and I thought it was changed over to what this is, didn't read the description saying Bukkit Alternatives.

    An example is this
    Default: '&9Player &f'

    Here's my list of commands and permissions and stuff

    /tags group <GROUP> prefix '<TAG PREFIX>'

    /tags user <USERNAME> prefix '<TAG PREFIX>'

    When replying just type this:

    (plugin link here)
    (dependencies here if any)
    (list of permissions and commands)

    Or this:

    (plugin link that you found)

    I also had a /prefix plugin request, check my post history.
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    Pex has this functionality, you just need a chat plugin.
    EssentialsChat etc.
    /pex group <GROUP> prefix set <PREFIX>
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  5. Nametag edit won't do because it doesn't set your nametag by the group you are in... I don't want to have to manually set it...

    I was very specific you just didn't read it...

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    Does it not, though? I'm sure it would work in PEX, it used to be the first thing I'd set up on a new server, it just takes some tweaking with the perms.
  7. Not trying to be mean but do you know the difference betweeen a NAMETAG, the thing above your head and a CHAT TAG, the thing you are viewed as in chat? I've said I wanted nametags not chat tags.
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    I most certainly do, and I'll take that in a non-rude way. Name tags are accomplishable through the scoreboard interface and through the use of packets, and I've created an implementation for a server before. What I'm saying is I've used NameTagEdit to put the PEX prefixes in a file and then apply them to the PEX group through the permissions system. I never had a problem. If you need me to, I will demonstrate this in a screenshot when I get home
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    You can do per group name tag for NameTagEdit. Here. I'll tell you.
    1. Lets start with the fact you are using PEX and NameTagEdit.
    2. Don't get NameTagEdit from Bukkit. Get it on spigot.

    1. Do /nte group add [Group]
    2. Do /nte group [Group] prefix {Prefix}
    3. Do /nte group [Group] perm {Anything really. I will use nte.[group] as example}
    4. Do this for all your ranks
    5. I will use 3 ranks for example. Owner, Admin, Member
    6. Do /pex group Member add nte.member
    7. Do /pex group Member add -nte.admin
    8. Do /pex group Member add -nte.owner
    Do this same or all 3 ranks except when you do admin, you will add nte.admin, -nte.member, -nte.owner
    And yes I put - on purpose.
    And Owner add nte.owner, -nte.member, -nte.admin

    I hope this helps.
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