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    What I would like:
    1. Turn all black and white horses (configurable based on horse texture) into pegasi, complete with wings (of matching color, if possible).
    2. If the player jumps at full gallop and full strength (the orange area) the pegasus begins to fly for 20 seconds (configurable) then glides down after the time is over.
    3. Leather horse armor increases the flying time by 10 seconds, iron increases it by 20 seconds, gold increases it by 30 seconds, and diamond increases fly time by 40 seconds. All times are configurable.
    4. The time is visualized in the horse's jump bar as it "unfills" the bar, and the pegasus keeps the "run" animation while flying.
    5. While the pegasus is flying, the player can press "Spacebar" to change the Y of the pegasus.
    6. While flying, holding the "S" key will bring the pegasus to a slow stop (but still with the run animation).
    7. Pegasi can be bred (toggleable in config) to make baby pegasi with cute little wings. :)
    8. Killing a fully grown pegasus will drop a pegasus wing (feather texture/sprite with the name Pegasus Wing). This can be toggled in the settings.
    9. If the above setting is true: in a crafting table, place a pegasus wing in any left square, a phantom membrane in the next square to the right, and the rightmost square is another pegasus wing, and this recipe crafts an elytra.

    Ideas for commands:
    /pegasus reload : reloads the config

    Ideas for permissions:
    pegasus.admin : access to reload command

    When I'd like it by:
    Why isn't this a thing already? :confused:
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