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    hello, i was wanting to get an advanced plugin, like the one that TheNexusMC Has. i want a survival games plugin that has these features:
    ☺ Multiworld Support
    ☺ Points System
    ☺ MySQL (not needed, but would be cool)
    ☺ Stats menu (like /stats (player name) to see their kills, wins, losses, points, deaths, and time played.)
    ☺ Voting/Lobby phase
    ☺ In-game shop (to use your points to buy items in-game, configurable.)
    ☺ Sponsoring system (when dead/spectator can use points to give stuff. (what can be sponsored is configurable))
    ☺ These commands/cmds:
    - [/sg] is the basic plugin cmds, as well as all of the prefix for all cmds.
    - [/sg vote #] to vote for the map listed
    - [/sg leave] leave the current game
    - [/sg votep (#) (amount)] to vote with more power, up to 4.
    - [/sg createarena] - Creates a new arena in your region selected with world edit
    - [/sg setlobbyspawn (arena #)] to create the voting/spec lobby
    - [/sg forcestart (#arena)] to start the game with the amount of players
    - [/sg selectarena (arena#)] to select the arena for all of the commands
    - [/sg setspawn] sets the spawn for the tributes
    - [/sg deletearena (arena#)] to delete the arena
    ☺ Permissions Support (i use GroupManager for my server)
    ☺ Scoreboard Support ( to list players left, time, and the map info, (configurable))
    ☺ WorldEdit Support (to make all of the arenas, and lobby.)
    ☺ Custom Messages, in a separate config file.
    ☺ Deathmatch (configurable)
    ☺ Join Priority (6 Ranks, Non-Donor Redstone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond, VIP, in that order.)
    ☺ Configurable Chest Tiers, randomized on chest open.
    ☺ Power Votes (for donors, to vote with more than 1 vote, up to 4.)
    ☺ All of the maps able to vote for are on the scoreboard in voting phase
    ☺ Bounty Support (to set points on a player, the killer gets the points, and if the bountied player gets the points.
    ☺ No Hand Glitch (for a split second, in pregame, fill the whole hot-bar with wooden shovels)
    ☺ Join Sign Support
    I know that there are some plugins that already do this, but none of them have worked. all of the plugins i have tried are listed here:
    - SurvivalGamesClone
    - SurvivalGames
    - Survival Games X
    - SurvivalGames All In One
    - Ultimate Survival Games
    I have tried almost all of the plugins, but none of them work, and don't have as many cool features.

    I also know that this is a HUGE request, but i would really appreciate it, and i will also be giving away any rank that is right below Owner rank, to the people/person that make this, for FREE!

    Thank you in advance!

    EDIT: i don't care if you even just take the source code of another plugin and modify it, but i just want a working SG plugin, thank you.

    and timtower, plz don't be mean pl0x
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    This is a huge request and I doubt that anybody will fill it. The plugins that you listed work fine, and you can request extra features from the developer.
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    https://github.com/rfsantos1996/SurvivalGame - I was making this project, I'm not finished, but this is already usable, I need testers... :l

    - Rework // 95% done - need just to check github //
    - Ranking // done //
    - Stats // done //
    - Join signs // done //
    - Deathmatch // done (time AND alive players quantity can toggle this) //
    - Chest tiers // done //
    - Simple setup command // done //
    - Sponsoring system and/or money rewards (use BossShop + economy plugin to work ingame) // money reward done //

    -- I'm traveling, maybe i'll program something while on it, but nothing fancy. --

    Download the .jar on my GitHub and try it, need testing (;
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    Bump for everyone who is intrested on a "good" (alpha hard-coded didnt-tested) SurvivalGame plugin.

    STILL ALPHA, BUT USABLE: Click on the .jar and on "View raw" to download
    Didnt tested 95% of it, but you can help me with log erros and things like that. Please use pastebin.com to paste errors (; Yeah, I need to create a BukkitDev page with a configuration help, but you can understand what is this about, cant you?
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    I am coolfire155! & I support this!
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    OP is right, I used some of the mentioned plugins and they are kind of buggy. Which is why a lot of people would prefer a custom SG plugin to fit there needs :)
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    Some fixes that were breaking my plugin completely... Now I'm working on the Scoreboard thing, later more item support like lore, enchantments, etc, then i'll test and fix my signs. Well, the base of the game is ready (;
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  9. there's no download when i click the link? :( please don't stop the project! and can someone do a video tutorial/setup?
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    I abhor these posts. You're asking us to steal someone else's intellectual property and add on a few features and release it as our own? No one is going to do this for 'admin' rank, much less at all..

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