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    I would like to have a plugin that check a specific account on a defined interval (like ever 30 min). If the account have more money than specified a WE schematic is placed in a predefined area.

    this makes it possible for all players to found specific server buildings together by sending money to a specific account. In this sense server-owned buildings are founded by the players. So if they for instance want a physical portal located at location A and B, they would have to type "/money pay portalA 10000" etc.

    Since WE schematics store allot of information the possibilities would be endless.

    Their is no need for any ingame command except reload, everything else could be in the config.

    The config would therefore consist of the name of the schematics, the required amount of money, the account, the interval when checked for the right amount and the coordinates where the schematic would be placed relative to.

    Instead of using interval it may work to just check when the account is changed, in other words when money is transferred to that account.

    another feature that would be great is that it TP players out of that area before placing it.

    Is this possible?

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