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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Because we clearly didn't have enough already.


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    As I've been getting further and further into Bukkit's API, I've realized that I hadn't been utilizing some key features in my plugins. I was learning small, specific portions for very specific plugins of mine, and I didn't really have any reason to expand my outlook and learn some new stuff. Thus, I decided to start a fairly large project: this RPG plugin (with no name, currently :p)

    Now, I'm not going to tell you its the "bee's knees", or the "cat's pajamas". Its certainly not going to be anywhere near as indepth and fleshed out as some of the larger RPG titles, made my much more competent developers (and their teams)

    (Looking at you, @Kainzo (and the rest of HeroCraft development) and @OBudista . Rifts and Heroes are astonishingly well developed thus far!)

    In fact, these larger plugins have inspired me to give this RPG project a shot in the first place.

    However, it certainly wont be 'simple' either. So, without further introduction, let me give you the rundown of how this plugin will work! (Or how I 'want' it to work, in either case)

    • Unique additions to the very base combat system of minecraft (to balance out, and flesh it out a bit)
    • 6 Unique classes to choose from! (Currently 6, might throw in another here or there)
      • NOTE: These are all generic names, no 'set' names for them yet.
      • Archer - Master of marksmanship (duuuuuh :) )
      • Warrior - They hit stuff. With a passion.
      • Mage - For those who like flashy effects and setting people ablaze with the click of a button!
      • Priest - Support (and at times, very deadly)
      • Rogue - Slip into the shadows, shadow step to enemies, and disappear into thin air after a deadly assault
      • Druid - For the more passive player. You can pack a punch, when necessary. But they have many more utility skills that aggressive skills.
    • Party System to avoid most damage (though there will be powerful skills that will hit everyone, if the player isn't careful)
    • Complete set of skills for each class (if the class doesnt meet my minimum skill amount, come launch, it gets dropped.)
    • Completely configurable! You want players to gain exp really fast? So be it, set the exp-modifier to 0% increase each level for a constant rate inbetween! Want them to grind their sorry asses off? Set it to 300% and have it increase exponentially to horrifying amounts!
    • Attribute system. Every x levels, you'll gain an attribute point to spend in any one of your classes 'branch-offs'
      • Have 1 point to spend as a mage? Drop one into the 'Devil's Advocate' tier to change your immolate to "FiendFire", increasing damage output and pushing the player back! Have 10 points? Drop them all into Devil's Advocate to be declared a Void-Mage, capable of summoning mobs and vanishing to the Nether in the middle of a fight to escape imminent death!
    • Completely user-friendly commands. (Including a fleshed-out Class-Chooser-Wizard, to guide a character through the careful decision of which class to be)
    • Hopefully more, if I actually finish all of the above and brainstorm some more ideas!
    Now for some more info on certain aspects:
    Baseline combat changes (open)

    If I was going to pull off any resemblence of balance, I was going to need to change some core aspects of minecraft. (Particularly with those nasty Archers!) So, here's what I've changed (so far)
    • Arrows give absolutely NO pushback. Yes, you warriors will have a chance of killing them!*
    • Archers must string their bows before firing (right click twice to fire one arrow)**
    • Warriors must take time to swing their mighty swords (left click twice to swing sword)**
    • Not a nerf, per say, but rogues are allowed to swing their 'daggers' as fast as they please (they deal 3/4 of the normal damage, however.)
    • If thrown by an archer, snowballs will deal 1 heart of damage (and have no limit to the fire rate)
    • There are no 'full' usage restrictions on items based on class! Warriors can fire arrows if they so please, but their fire rate is severely slow. Archers and swing a sword if they feel like it, but it only does 1/4 of the normal damage (to players)
    * - There are skills, such as point blank shot, that will push the target away from the archer
    ** - These can both be reduced (even to 0) by branching out in the right areas with attribute points

    Skill Specifications (open)

    My main focus with this plugin was to give each class ample skills to make them feel like they are truly unique. You will see similar effects across the board, but each skills will be done in a way that makes the user feel like they're playing the class they wanted, and not some slight modification of another. Anywho, here's some information on the types of skills:

    I hope I don't have to explain this one TOO much. These are the spells that deal damage, usually in a direct manner. Spells like a Fireball strike from a Mage, or Point Blank Shot from an Archer.
    This is (mainly) directed towards the priests. This includes any form of healing, buffing, and curing that is used.
    By far the most unique skill set, these are the skills that allow the user to stay alive without a 'direct' healing source (or ones that add a unique touch to direct damage). For Archers, one utility skill might include Disengage, which propells the Archer a good distance away from any Warrior that might be getting in their face. For mages, there's blink. Warriors get a shield bash to throw targets away and prevent them from using skills for a few seconds. You get the point.
    DoTs, poisons, flames, auras of protection, reflection spells, anything that is not an instant occurence with no aftertrace (after the user casts it)
    These are skills that aren't really skills at all, but perks that are allotted to each class (though they can have level requirements)
    These are extremely costly skills, may leave the user in a state of exhaustion (Mana regen is very, VERY slow), and tend to be all-too effective.

    Classes (read here for info on any implemented skills, and what they do)
    Show Spoiler

    Each class has a unique way to gain experience, in addition to the base-line mechanic of killing monsters. Read further to learn about each of these methods, and also, the skills that each class has
    (I will only show details on currently IMPLEMENTED AND FUNCTIONAL skills!)

    Archer (open)

    Archers gain base exp by hitting any living entity with an arrow.
    Archers gain their bonus experience by shooting arrows across a great distance. If they hit the target past 15 blocks, they get a little more experience. Past 25, and they gain even more. If the target is at point-blank range (5 blocks or less) they gain no experience for hitting the target.
    • [UTILITY/AGGRESSIVE] Bombardment:
      • Fire an arrow into the air, and then (at any time) click again to transform your arrow into a bombardment (raining down 9 arrows that branch out from the original arrow's location)
    • [UTILITY] Creeping Shot:
      • This shot will cause any creeper to instantly explode (great for using creepers to bomb large groups of mobs with ease)
    • [AGGRESSIVE] Point Blank Shot:
      • If the target is within 5 blocks, this will shoot a powerful arrow (twice the damage) that pushes the target back by a small amount (more than the default pushback, however)
    • [UTILITY] Disengage:
      • If your target is within 5 blocks, you will launch yourself backwards to get out of range. Keeps you safe from those damn warriors and rogues (though they're bound to catch you with their own skill set)
    • Other Skills (Planned, but not completed):
      • Fire Shot
      • Hook Shot (no, this wont teleport you to the arrows destination, I have a different idea)
      • Forage
      • Many others, but theyre far fetched at the time being.

    Warrior (open)

    Warriors are the go-to class for anyone looking to beat the ever-loving crap out of people ;)
    - Gain base exp by slicing n dicing mobs/players.
    - Gain bonus exp (not really a 'bonus', but its there) by taking damage whilst holding a shield, or a full set of armor. (More incentive to be the 'tank' of a group)
    • [UTILITY] Mock:
      • Targetted mob will attack the warrior, instead of its current target
    • [UTILITY] Challenging Roar (must branch into Tank):
      • All mobs within 15 or so blocks (or any mobs attacking players in the warrior's party) will attack the warrior
    • [UTILITY/AGGRESSIVE] Valiant Lunge:
      • Lunge forwards towards your target, allowing you to close gaps between mages/archers! (See my EnergySword plugin in my signature to see exactly what this will do)
    • [AGGRESSIVE/DE-BUFF] Deep Wound:
      • Gash your target with fierce force, (not only consuming mana, but greatly hurting your sword's durability). For 10 seconds, this ANY damage taken by the player will be increased by 20% (unless the wound is removed by another player)
    • [PASSIVE] Shield Expert:
      • Ability to use Hatches (trap doors) as shields, reducing any damage taken by 50%
    • Planned Skills:
      • Shield Bash
      • Crippling Strike
      • Bloody Swipe
      • A variety of 'Shouts' to buff/de-buff

    Mage (open)

    Oh the mage...where to start with this one?
    - Gains base exp by (you guessed it!) casting spells
    - Bonus EXP: Well, I dont really know yet. SUGGEST STUFF!
    • [AGGRESSIVE] Fireball:
      • Come on now, where would any RPG plugin be without your typical fireball spell! On specific attribute spendings, this can be upgraded to set targets ablaze, in addition to do damage.
    • [UTILITY] Blink:
      • Teleports the user roughly 10-15 blocks in the direction they're facing (will auto-port to the highest block, so this cant be used to kill yourself
    • [AGGRESSIVE/DE-BUFF] Immolate:
      • Set the target ablaze for 10 seconds. Really all there is to it ;)
      • This spell is a devestating AoE that WILL cause some serious blood loss for players ;)
      • Any mobs/players (not in the user's party) in a 15 block radius of the mage will undergo 4 things:
        • They will be struck by lightning (for effect, typical damage doesnt apply)
        • They will be flung at rather high speeds away from the mage's location
        • They will be 'directly' hurt for 2 hearts
        • They will be set ablaze
      • Fun stuff.
    • [UTILITY] Icy Chains (Only effective on players)
      • Targets mana regeneration will halt during the duration (up to 30 seconds)
      • Additional 'click's to strike will be added (aka, 3 clicks to fire an arrow, swing a sword, etc.)
    • Planned skills:
      • Hell's Inferno (Elite) (Devil's Advocate)
      • Conjure Food
      • Arcane Blood

    Priest (open)

    Ah, the priest, everybody's favorite support class...
    - Gain base exp by casting spells
    - Bonus exp if they actually heal other's in need
    • [SUPPORT] Heal:
      • Heals the target for 7 hitpoints. (This passively increases with the Healers level by a small percentage)
    • [SUPPORT] Cure Flames :
      • Heals the target for 2 hitpoints (1 heart), and extinguishes any flames on the target.
      • This spell's power directly depends on the player's mana. (and uses all remaining mana when casted to amplify the power)
        • Heals all nearby (FRIENDLY) players (including the priest) for the priests current mana / 10
        • Damages all mobs/enemy players for the priests current mana / 20
        • However much mana is used by the priest (divided by 3), is transfered to each of the friendly players
        • EX: Priest mana when casting: 60
          • Nearby (friendly) players gain 20 mana and 6 hearts
          • Nearby enemies lose 3 hearts
          • Priest gains 6 hearts
      • Targeted entity (be it a mob, player, friend, or foe) has a 50% chance to lose 5 hearts, and a 50% chance to gain 5 hearts. This skill will have a low mana cost, and will be an 'emergency situation' tool
    • [BUFF] Mirrored Fate:
      • Lasts for 8 seconds. Any spell that damages the priest is sent directly back at the user. Priest is still damaged, and it is only applicable for certain spells. In a situation where theyre not hit by a spell, but rather any attack, Mirrored Fate will reflect the same damage back at the attacker. If it does trigger, the spell will end (it will only reflect once)
    • Planned skills:
      • Absorption Aura
      • Smite (really should be easy, I'm just not sure if I want to add it or not)
      • Various buffs

    Rogue (open)

    The rogue is the sneakiest little bastard of a class that you'll ever come across. I've made it my goal to give them spells that will give you headaches if you ever encounter them in combat!
    - Gains base exp by hitting any living entity with daggers
    - Gains bonus exp (and damage) by striking any living entity in the back (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE NON-HOSTILE MOBS)
    • [UTILITY] Shadow Step:
      • The rogue teleports to coordinates right next to the target, leaving a puff of smoke where he leaves, and where he appears.
    • [UTILITY] Heart of Shadow:
      • Think of an inverse of Shadow Step. The rogue teleports away to a random location within 7 blocks. The rogue is also healed for 3 hearts in doing so.
    • [AGGRESSIVE] Gouge:
      • Gouge the target, causing 2 extra hearts to be lost
    • [PASSIVE] Sneak Expert:
      • Rogues regain mana at an increased rate while sneaking
    • [AGGRESSIVE/UTILITY/BUFF] Fan of Blades:
      • For 8 seconds, any attack dealt by a rogue's dagger will fan out to any enemy within 3 blocks. The 'fan' attacks will have 1/2 the damage of the direct blow
    • Planned Skills:
      • Vanish
      • Shadow Meld
      • Shadow of Haste

    (Will add more info on classes and skills, in addition to the attribute system. I'm just too lazy to write this whole thing up in one sitting ;) )

    I'll add info on the other 5 classes in a bit (and maybe the attribute system, if I'm feeling ambitious) I need a typing-break :confused:
    Also, while I have no releasable test-build, I plan on having one over the next few days. It will include 2-3 classes, with a few of their respective skills. I want the command system tested out, as well as the basics to leveling (to get some feedback)

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    Wow, this looks impressive, gonna use this in my server once it comes out! :)
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    Glad to see you like the concept, at the very least. (but not to say that this isnt already knee-deep in development. I just have to link everything together, per say)

    I'll go ahead and throw in indepth info on the rest of the classes over the next 10-15mins. It also appears that I have stupidly forgotten to include the PASSIVE skill in the types description.
    Passive and Elite skills added to description, info about Mages/Warriors added. Priests/Rogues/Druids will be soon after.
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    @DrBoweNur - wanna make a few skills for us? ;)
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    Actually, I've considered doing that several times. I just never brought myself to go in and use your pre-built jars.
    At any rate, I'd be happy to convert some of my spells over, as (ironically enough) I do plan to use Heroes on my server. This project of mine is just a 'for the experience' kind of deal, to say I've done it. :D

    Is there anything in particular that you'd like? I'm particularly fond of my Bombardment and ThunderClap mentioned in the OP, but thats just me. (Plus, Thunder Clap might be a bit over the top for Heroes, as it didn't seem like you guys had any concept similar to an 'elite spell', while I was testing it on your server :)
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    Sorry for the hi-jacking of your thread - however you did alert me ;)

    That being said, I would love to see more skills from the public for Heroes. We plan to have two repos...

    Official - For those made by the HC team or are just "that good" from Public
    Public - publicly made by other devs/server admins etc.

    We actually have a guide set up on how to create skills - its in the plugin dev area if you missed it, I think @RightLegRed created the thread.

    In regards to overpowered spells - we have "Bolt" for the wizard, that strikes thunder down to all foes/players within 10 yards of the caster.
    I do wish you much luck with your project. It is a big learning experience doing an RPG plugin - one that has taken us several several months to do ;)
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    Added info for Priest and Rogues. I'm holding off on the Druid info because I'm still not sure about its implementation. It is still in a heavy planning phase, and is only coded in at a very basic level (no skills yet).

    EDIT: Oh wow, literally posted at the same time as me.
    As for the hijacking remark, I really don't mind. I tagged both you and the dev of Rifts in here just so people could go check out the high-end RPG frameworks, and to clarify that I (in no way) planned to top you guys ;)

    I'll be sure to check out the guide and see what I can do, as I have a free day tommorow (day's that are growing too rare, recently)
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    @DrBoweNur ..
    I'm pretty impressed with your skills you have so far.. I'd love to see them ported to Heroes... I would definitely use them for our official server
    Creeping Shot:
    Valiant Lunge:
    Deep Wound:
    Shield Expert: (we use shield door)
    Cure Flames :
    Yin N Yang:

    Are the ones that stood out to me and I thought were really cool
    http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/heroes-skill-system.19312/ (how to create)
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    Sounds like a plan!
    A fair warning about Valiant Lunge (and if you ever managed to get EnergySword working you've probably already experienced it) is that the lunge can be rather unpredictable under given scenarios. I'd imagine I can 'improve' this by spending some time to calculate a good distance vs velocity formula to help improve accuracy, but just as a heads up incase I dont manage to.
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    I wasnt able to get lunge to work actually - though to be honest I only did a reload and saw errors and havent bothered since. Let me know if you get those skills going - I'll throw them on our test box.
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    With all the information on combat mechanic changes, and what will eventually be (I'm assuming) a completely different way to approach some of the methods I'm using, I've decided to put this project on pause until further notice.

    Will be (instead) working on a fleshed out trading plugin. (No, not the same type as those that are already out there!)

    On an unrelated note, @Kainzo , I'm curious if you'd let me send you a code snippet in a PM regarding the class-choosing in Heroes. Granted, I'm not sure what has changed since I last tested it on your server, but I'd like to add (or at least send to you for your approval) a creation wizard for Heroes class selection. I'm not sure if you'd even want it, but I was thinking it be a nice (fairly light-weight) feature to bring up a fleshed-out creation wizard whenever someone typed /hero choose

    Of course, they could always skip it with the direct approach, but this would allow for players to get info on each class, while keeping it extremely user friendly (Simple yes or no prompts, easy identification of keywords to proceed, that sort of thing)

    I've coded a working feature of this in my trade plugin (a simple wizard to create your trading post) , and I've found (as input from users on my server) that this sort of thing really helps those that aren't too command-savy. All it really is, is a little manipulation of onPlayerChat

    If you're interested, let me know. For all I know, you've already done this (or considered, and denied it)
    But I'd be happy to contribute in any way I can, in addition to the skills.
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    Sure - pm me - I'll take a look and forward it on if its something we can work with.
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    Hey @Kainzo I heard a while back that Heroes was about to be released, but I have yet to see it anywhere. Is there still stuff to do before it's release ready?
    Also, I'm on the HeroCraft guest code team but I haven't really done anything so far. Are there assignments or anything I should have been working on?
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    You need to idle in our coding channel to get assignments or projects to code.
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    It's been so long that I've forgotten the password. :X
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