Pasting Pre-built Structure from One Location to Another

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Munnzeh, Aug 4, 2020.

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    Hi All,

    I am looking to be able to take a pre-built structure for a Minigame from one location and paste it into an Arena on requirement so that It can be destroyed / blown up etc. and then when required again simply replaced by a fresh pre-built.

    I am not looking for any specific code but just some ideas / suggestions.

    Again, the idea is to have the structure pre-built somewhere off in the map and the plugin would simply copy all the blocks in that location and re paste them to the specified location. Surely this is possible as it is a core feature of WorldEdit.

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    @Munnzeh You can save the locations along with their blocks.
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    So I'm assuming I'm going to have to loop every block between two locations, save each block to a map with it's location <Block, Location> then when I want it pasted I'm going to have to loop through the map then set the blocks to their original Location modified by some value?

    Thanks for the suggestion, surely won't be any more intensive than World Edit.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Munnzeh Didn't Minecraft have a copy paste commands?
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    I'm not aware of this, are you referring to the 'Clone' command? Anyway I am looking for the plugin to do this automatically and not issued via a command.
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    You could try using the WorldEdit API as well. I should note I've never used it before but I do know it exists.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    I am.
    Then you list the area that you want to copy using a min / max block.
    Apply an offset and set the blockdata to the original one.
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    I've had good luck using the following as a library within my project to load and save structures in the native format using Minecraft internals:

    Unfortunately that saves the .nbt files in a subdirectory of the world, so I copied those to a resource folder in my plugin and used some slower custom code to read in the .nbt files and paste them into the world. This post gives an example for doing that:

    Although I use

    NBTInputStream input = new NBTInputStream(plugin.getResource("structures/" + name));

    rather than FileInputStream. That allows me to package the arenas in the plugin itself.

    Hope that helps,


    I should add that using the solution above you can use a regular minecraft Structure block to save your structure as well and avoid the Shynixn code altogether. In my case I wanted to save the whole arena, which was significantly larger than the structure size limit of 32x32x32, so it was handy to use the Shynixn API to save multiple smaller structure files in a 3-dimension loop.

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