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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Lapayo, Jan 4, 2011.

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    I have a good idea for a plugin, I would like to use.
    The idea is a passwordsystem for minecraft. When the user logs in then he should have to enter his password to play or he will get kicked after a period of time.
    New users should have to register before they can play.
    This would be good for extra protection of user accounts and also for lan / onlinemode=false servers, because they don´t verify the username. So everyone could use his login.

    Hope anyone is interested in coding this for Bukkit.
    Also I´m interested wheater there are plugins for:
    -protected areas (to create propertys)
    -/item, /tp, /tphere, /warp, /time commands from hey0
    -exact /setspawn command
    -timevote plugin

    When I would have the last 3 plugins I would switch to bukkit directly, because I need this plugins on my server.
    The first would be great and the second isn´t installed atm but I´m planning to user it, because there are some thiefs on my server :S

    Thanks in advance,

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    In short this sounds a lot like AuthCraft (I think that's right) you can do all of those almost anyway except warp, setspawn and time as long as you download the General Plugin all your needs should be ok except timevote which I have no idea what that is?
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    Thanks, I didn´t know it.
    But it is exactly what I mean.
    But it looks like it isn´t working atm.
    but I haven´t tested it. But I will test it and I think it will be fixed soon.
    A timevote plugin is a plugin where the users can say: "/vote time day|night" and when enough users say "yes" the time will be changed to day/night.
    AuthCraft is the plugin I mean, but is it available for bukkit?

    So an acutual list of needs:
    - fixed General Commands
    - Voteplugin
    - ported npcs plugin (yes, I know it´s going to be ported)
    - ported authcraft
    - protected areas plugin

    And does Buckit really have such a better performance than hmod? Because i think most of the laggs on my server are coming from hmod.


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