Particles on chest containing items

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by JustDJplease, Nov 6, 2015.

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    ... that's basically what my plugin is doing... ? I'm just pointing out that I did not implement a scan for chests that have been placed before the plugin ran the first time.
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    @Chloe-chan Oh, I misunderstood then. I took it as you were scanning the worlds for chests each time the plugin loads to find the chests instead of storing them in a cache. My bad!
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    Nahh it's okay. It's my bad for not pointing it out at the start.
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    @Chloe-chan I have not yet tried it out, because my internet router exploded... I will try it when I get home today though :p Thank you for the quick coding and the quick responding!
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    I also wrote a version of the plugin, if anyone would like to use it you can find it here:
    EDIT by Timtower: redacted mediafire link

    @timtower Are external links not allowed?

    Edit: Double post? If this is considered a double post, sorry!

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    @timtower Sorry, I haven't been active on the forums in about the past 6 months. So I'll need to read up on the rules again...
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    Just toss it in Dropbox and link here :)

    @Commander9292 Another suggestion, should you wish to change it, the "?dl=0" can be changed to "?dl=1" if you want the plugin to automatically download when the link is clicked.

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    Ah ! An oversight of me !

    For a quick fix, delete the save file .dat

    EDIT: I have updated the download link to fix this error. Please update the plugin to test if mentioned error still exists.

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    Sorry for the oblivious and nooby question but I'm not very advanced with the raw of plugins and coding and this question may help others too as it's slightly unclear! How do you actually use the plugin to create your chests?
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    What do you.. mean ?

    Do you mean how this plugin detect a chest if the chest can play particles ? When you place a chest down, or interact with a chest, it will be added into the list.
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    I tried this plugin and some random chests were already covered in particles and others were not. Chests that I placed down wouldn't change at all.
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    There must be items in the chest for the particles to be displayed.
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