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    Title: UltimateParkour

    I wanted to make a parkour plugin for the longest time, but unfortunately I do not make plugins so I had an idea where one person could do a parkour map at a time. There will be "fail zones" which means when players touches that zone they will lose then be tp'd back to start (maybe you get a certain amount of tries). There will be queue system in which you would wait there turn. There will be a winners area in which you win (so I guess that means there are win zones). You can make multiple win and fail zones. Compatible with WorldGuard as well (maybe). Also I would like it where in the chat it says: <insert name> won Parkour Arena 1. Optional: Make it so they cant take fall damage while doing parkour and put in Click-to-join-signs.

    /up enable <ID> (Enables an arena)
    /up disable <ID> (Disables an arena)
    /up deletearena <ID> (Deletes an arena)
    /up createarena <ID> (Creates an arena)
    /up spectate <ID> (Spectates a certain arena)
    /up leave (Leaves an arena)
    /up wand (Toggles Wand)
    /up setwinzone <ID> <Win Zone ID> (Sets a win zone)
    /up setlosezone <ID> <Lose Zone ID> (Sets a lose zone)
    /up settp <ID> join (Sets the place where you join an arena)
    /up settp <ID> lose (Sets the place where you lose an arena)
    /up settp <ID> spectate (Sets the place where you spectate an arena)
    /up settp <ID> win (Sets the place where you win an arena)
    And Many More You Can Add For Yourself!

    When you need it done: Fast as possible, but don't rush it.

    Main good features that it will have:
    Auto Starting
    More then one arena
    Tp's such as joining, losing, wining and spectating!
    Click to join signs!
    Dont take fall damage!
    Fail and win zones!
    Many More Feature as well!

    If you could do this, I salute you! (Will also feature in my server)

    Edits: Typo's, added /up wand command and added what time you need it done by =)
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    I like what your thinking, but there might be a plugin out there already....did you use the search bar?
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    As far as I understand, there are no parkour plugins out there, I searched for a while, and no luck.
  4. There's a plugin called
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    I don't think SuperJump is what Im looking for.

    Also, if your guys wondering why I would need a parkour plugin, its because my server does a parkour event every now and then and wanted to make a YouTube Series called Minekour where I have people on my server doing parkour tournaments and what-not and I really think having a parkour plugin like this would be great =)

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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff

    The only Parkour plugin I know of that has similar functionality is one that was made for 's parkour server. Other than private requests, I'm unaware of any decent parkour plugins.
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    Well, once I'm thoroughly done with a plugin I'm working on (probably a few weeks), I may make a parkour plugin as my next project, parkour is probably my favorite thing to do in minecraft.
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    I know right! Half the things I do on minecraft is make parkour maps!

    Ah, well thanks anyway!

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    Well you can just tag a bukkit dev and hope they notice, maybe they will make one for you. Deathmarine
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    What's the problem with SuperJump? It seems like it'd work fine for you.
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    Well I would like the actions that my idea gives, superjump as far as I understand just jumps to different coordinates. Sure, it would work decent but like I said, it would be nice if the ideas that I had would turn into a plugin.

    I just got someone who can help me with this plugin, thank you all for your suggestions (I might bump if I need more help from ya'll)

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    You gonna release it and i think codename_B made a custom one ask him
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    I got someone who can make a plugin for me and yes he I'm pretty sure he's going to release it (No promises)
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    Aww, that would suck if it wasn't public. It'd be super popular, since it's the first.
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    I'm pretty sure he's going to release it.
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    Alright, that's good. Make sure he adds lose regions/Checkpoints.
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    He's already done making those ^.^
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    Great! This is exactly what all of us are looking for. Tell him I said thank you.
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    Cant wait too
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    like your sig.
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