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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Menozen, Mar 9, 2017.

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    I am requesting a parkour plugin for version 1.8,
    If someone could do it, it would be awesome, there are not that much cool parkour plugins so I hope one could be good :p

    What do I would like to have:

    - A scoreboard with :
    Parkour name (in light green)
    Map Best : {besttime} (blue)
    Minutes : {time} (blue)
    Seconds : {time} (blue)
    (If possible a way to custom colors in a config.yml file)
    - A way to add difficulties and create a parkour map
    - A command to see the top10 scores
    - A command to leave the parkour map
    - A command to join a map
    - A command to see map infos : Name, map number, difficulty, number of checkpoints and the creator
    - A command to recreate the parkour, change the map's name, difficulty or checkpoints
    - A command to see the list of the maps
    - A command to ignore the checkpoints
    - A command to see player's stats (Maps done, (average if possible between difficulties))
    - Beginning a map by hitting a stone plate, an iron one for checkpoints and a gold plate for the end
    - Getting money by doing parkour maps
    - A command to set a parkour spawn
    - A command to set a lobby (Getting back to lobby when completing a course)
    - An item to restart the level

    Hope someone could and would do it, thank you very much <3!

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    In fact I need a plugin like this for my own server. We currently have other big projects, so I'm no able to develop such a "big" plugin. If there is no one else who will do this I ll do this in a few weeks/months.
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    Yes, that's something really big but that could be the best parkour plugin too, if nobody can, no problem, if you also could add a way to choose if we want water or lava make restart the level, that would be great
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    I'll give this a go if you still need it.
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    The Parkour basic plugin is not like a plugin i want lol
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