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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Azuna1, Dec 18, 2014.

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    My aim is to let Mycelium spread over grass and not just dirt
    So i got my custom block
    public class BlockMycelCustom extends BlockMycel
    and im rewriting the Mycelium entry in Block.REGISTRY at onLoad() with
    Block.REGISTRY.a(110, new MinecraftKey("mycelium"), new BlockMycelCustom() );
    though my block never gets ticked, and instead of spreading it now sets the target block to AIR
    Now i checked where Blocks.MYCELIUM points and it was ofc the old class, so i changed it to point to my block instead

    So far so good,
    nothing changed, its still only spreadign to dirt and sets the target block to air
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    I thought that it was "Block.a( int, String, Block)" but, looking into the source I find that you can do what you're doing :p
    Try doing "Block.REGISTRY.a(110, "mycelium", (new BlockMycelCustom()).c(0.6F).a(h).c("mycel").d("mycelium"));" (As found in the official code)

    Might not work but, hey. At least it's worth a shot right?

    Edit: You may also want to look into the BlockMycel code and find where it only spreads to dirt, then change this to allow it to also spread to grass.
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    @TGRHavoc the registration works fine
    and you cant just change the NMS file, anyway the fix is:
    i was totaly ignoring this:
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    iterator = Block.REGISTRY.iterator();
    while (iterator.hasNext())
        block13 = (Block) iterator.next();
        Iterator iterator1 = block13.O().a().iterator();
        while (iterator1.hasNext())
            IBlockData iblockdata = (IBlockData) iterator1.next();
            int i = Block.REGISTRY.b(block13) << 4 | block13.toLegacyData(iblockdata);
            Block.d.a(iblockdata, i);
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    Hey, thanks for posting how you solved it, I spent the whole morning trying to figure out how to get my custom block to work on 1.8 until I read this. =)
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