Outdoor Bathroom Plugin suggestion.

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    (I know they do have an example post, but, for this plugin there are no commands or permissions needed, plus, I'd like this as soon as possible, I have done a lot of topics on this but this one is very different, now, I present you with my plugin request, the plugin should be named BathroomSurvivalist. :)

    This plugin is a very basic plugin, it has 2 counters, the first one is pee, the second one is poo, and the third one is diarrhea. The pee one ranges from 0 to 100 and poo and diarrhea range from 0 to 1000. The increase rate for pee is 1 every 240 ticks, and the increase rate for poo is 1 every 36 ticks. And, the increase rate for diarrhea is 1 every 10 ticks. When the pee meter goes to 75% it will notify you a message that says "You have to go pee, go to a nearby water source to pee." And when your poo meter reaches 75% it will say "You have to go poo, go by a nearby fern, dead bush, or grass to poop." At 95% pee it will say: "You have to pee real bad, go to the bathroom now before you wet yourself!" And at 95% poo it will say "You have to poo real bad! Go to a nearby bush before you brown your pants!" And, at 100% pee, water is placed right were your standing! At 100% poo a brown clay block is placed where your standing and you are shifted 1 block up! Also, you have a 25% chance of catching diarrhea every 5 minutes! And if you catch it, it will say "You got diarrhea!" Also, this should use the Minecraft 1.5.2 plus leader board function and display text at the top of your screen indicating the pee and poo counters. like "Pee: # / 100" and "Poo (#/10) / 100" and, if you have diarrhea "Diarrhea (#/10) / 100" Also, if you have diarrhea, your poo bar is frozen, and at the top it will display diarrhea instead of the poo bar. It also displays the same messages as poo bar and you go to the same location. But, you have to stand in the block (or blocks that it says) and hold shift (sneak key) Also, when you have diarrhea it comes out just like pee. The pee meter drops by 1 every 1/5 second you hold shift. Diarrhea comes out 1/15 instead. But, poo, is VERY different! It generates a random width ranging from 1 to 10 and a random height ranging from 30 to 500. And, it has a multiplier. Every second your holding shift, the multiplier increases by 0.1, and it defaults to 1. Only when the width is larger than 5, if the expression (m*5) < ((11-w)*2) is FALSE, the player will start taking the damage (((m*5) - ((11-w)*2))*10)+1 every time the multiplier increases. In both expressions, m is the multiplier and w is the width of the dump. Also, releasing shift will reset the multiplier back to 1. And, there is also a counter that shows how much it's out, which increases by this expression every second you hold shift. ((11-w)*m) with w being the width and m being the multiplier. If shift is not being held while it's out, it will start going back in equal to the expression (11-w) like I said before with w being the width. Also, when it's fully back in. It will stop the defecation process and notify the player "Your dump was forced in!" And, during the defecation process it will also show you something in numerical form, which says " o / l " which l is the length of the dump and o is how much it's out. And, if you have diarrhea and you poo yourself instead of placing anything your inventory is cleared and you explode!
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    Err... You may want to properly format this post, although I doubt anyone is messed up enough to actually make this plugin.
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    .. that would be annoying for players, I bet nobody likes to get off their chair, and enter the bathroom every once in a while, and now you are asking for it in Minecraft? Jeez, pull yourself together and think about it
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  4. Suggestion of the year, right here!
  5. coolperez8
    Not to be rude, but this is not a very good idea.
    Personally, I would never make something like this...
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    Did anyone else have trouble reading this without bursting out laughing?
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    I dont know why i laughed so hard at this, but holy crap. Now we just need a toilet plugin

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    I would no way ever do this however I loved how much "detail" your provided unlike others in this forum that just post a name and the concept, but after all of that. Your formatting is terrible and made it very hard to read. I created a plugin like this a few versions ago, i will see if I can find it and release it just to amuse myself but don't have high hopes. Not gonna look for that crap very hard (see what i did there?)
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