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    The following plugin should have:
    -Beacons instead of chests
    -In the center there will be no chests or beacons, i have redesigned cornucopias so that display cases are set on walls and such (this way it is like taking the item off)
    -Items should be seen on the display cases and should have different items in there every game.
    -Right click with netherstar to summon beacon (adds a beacon light where you clicked)
    -Every 5 minutes a crazy event happens (I was thinking like ghasts spawn or item drops in the center, stuff that can be game changers)
    -Buy items in game with player souls (every kill = 1 soul, resets every game) (soul item will be visible in inventory as a ghast tear)
    -Items that do stuff, ex's.
    firework = flare
    blaze rod = shoots fireballs
    snowballs = slow the target down
    tnt = auto lights
    throw an eye of ender = it flies over to the nearest player
    right click with feather = 10 sec. of no fall damage
    paper (bandage) = heals 1 heart
    egg = does a random (harming such as blinding, slowness, etc.) effect to hit target
    right click with slimeball =resistance potion effect for 10 sec.
    (that's enough of those)

    -At all times (except in the arena) you have a book titled HungerGames, when you right click, you get a GUI that shows the hg arenas that exist, click one and it will either switch to a new GUI that has the players alive (click one of the players alive items and it will allow you to spectate them (ONCE IN THAT ARENA AND YOU RIGHT CLICK THE BOOK, IT WILL ONLY PULL UP A GUI OF THE PLAYERS ALIVE IN THAT ARENA)), or it will enter you into the arena if it is empty and waiting for players.
    -Right click with an enchanted book and it will pull up a gui of your inventory, click an item and it will add a random enchantment (no xp needed) (ONE TIME USE)
    -Buy things in the server shop with kill points for ex. (once you have enough you can start with 5 meat, a wood sword, stuff like that (not OP things though))
    -Get points every kill
    -Of course lightning when a player dies
    -Of course lightning that strikes in the general area of the player once there are 10 people left
    -Resetting arenas
    -Ability to start out with an item (editable to make it any item in config) for donators
    -Death Match if the game reaches 30 minutes or 5 players remain
    -Ability to enter games with a lobby wall of signs where you right click to join, it will also give stats such as how many players are alive/dead/total (ex. 5/19/24 or 0/0/30)

    /hg setlobby spawn (sets spawn for players when they die)
    (select region first with worldedit)
    /hg create (creates arena)
    /hg setspawn next (sets players spawn for the beginning surrounding the cornucopia)
    (select a region of signs first with worldedit)
    /hg addarena # (Adds the arena sign on the wall)
    /craft (donators only, pulls up crafting table)
    /furnace (donators only, pulls up crafting table)

    I think that's it for commands... correct me if I'm wrong
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    Sounds cool. Except I don't like the beacon part...
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    What should it be instead, chests?
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    I must say, this is the most original HG plugin idea I've seen in a LONG while... although I'd love to take on the challenge, I'm far to busy with finals at the moment. Good luck finding someone!
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    Thanks, I wanted something different and unique, but at the same time resembled the basic layout of Hunger Games

    By the way guys, your plugin will get out there and known because I'm the creator of many extremely popular maps with 100's of downloads and 1k forum views every day, and the thing is, I have 4 of those maps that each do that I also have contact with SkyDoesMinecraft as he has played many of my maps (which is also a benefit ). The names are Tunnel Trouble, Disturbed Dimension, Biome Jumper, and a 1 by 1 block replica of the Fallen Kingdom with terrain!

    -My point being that many people will be joining my 200 person server soon when I make it public and will be really popular and probably always filled. This is why I'm requesting this VERY UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, & NEW HUNGER GAMES PLUGIN

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    Anybody, please...

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    I'll Have A Shot At It But i cant promise anything...
    I'll Do The Core HG First.Or Maybe Just Pull Some Bukkit Games Code
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    Well, I'm the creator of tunnel trouble, so it won't just be hg, but of course it will be a big part of the server. I have over 200 people waiting for my server to open... How long do you think this will take?
    OriginHG sounds excellent :)

    So you will probably need multiverse support, maybe...
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    Sorry but i cant develop this plugin, to be honest i shouldnt have tried because i dont know much java and this is too complicated
    However, if you or anyone else decides to develop this then i recommend this library
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    Thanks :)

    Does anybody know how to do this?

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    Is this possible?

    Anybody, please... I need this as soon as possible!

    My server is going live soon, if someone could just start this I'd be happy

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    Details on my server: 200 person server
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    Possible. I even know API to be able to easily do it. But most likely nobody will do it. And you know why =)
    I might be doing it. It's actually looks like cool idea. But it is directed to like big servers, IDK, I may be doing something like this when my server will grow up
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    I actually have an advanced dev making this for me at the moment, but he could use your help to make it go faster, I do have a big server also... rsod

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