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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: OreRespawn

    What I want:
    OreRespawn, respawn mined ores.

    Respawn mined ore after X seconds.
    Fixed Lapis ore drop.
    Players can get drops from ores with any items, even with hands.
    Save mined ores information and respawn them all when server stops.
    Get X more drops from ores depending on Hero Level.
    Set xp level to the Hero Level the player is when mining an ore.

    ( Work with all ores )

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions.

    When I'd like it by: 2014-01-18 or 2014-01-19
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    If no developers are willing to take this on then I'll try it out next week if I have time. At the moment I'm busy with school and got the SAT in a few days ;[
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    I want it to give a player a level also ( 1 xp bar ) and then if it possible to make another plugin for this or add this in this plugin: Players can have diffrent classes like Assassin Mage Warrior. And then they have special abillitys like " Warrior is going 2 use a sword " and mage is using sticks and blaze rods ( if this can be uncluded please make a config do change names on items etc )
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    so like annihilation?
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    Its like a roleplay server they arediffent classess ( another plugin that I whould be really happy
    to be coded ) like, theres these classes: Mage Assassin Warrior and Priest

    btw: level up by using money in /money ( if this can be coded in the plugin please make a config file to change the diffrent lvl up money )

    Diffrent Abilities: Mage: if they right click with a stick or a blaze rod it shoots a fireball ( only hurt people, it does not destroy any blocks ), and then I whould like " Diffrent names of the staffs " Like The worst staff is "Stick" and the other one is (BlazeRod) "Staff Of Wrath" and the best one is " Hell Blood " (blazerod) and they do diffrent type of damage

    Assassin: They use Shears ( Renamed ) If they hit the other player gets the damage and, the items is renamed as:

    The worst shear "Dagger" The other one "

    Warrior: Uses swords ( No renamed items ) only does diffrent damages with the swords ( as Normal )

    Priest: Uses swords ( No renamed Items ) does diffrent damages on sword type and if they right click a player with a diamond sword the other player gets healed.

    If this is possible to code it whould be AWESOME!

    Note: This plugin has been coded on another server, (Private Plugin) but the server did shutdown cause they didnt have money to afford the server.

    2nd Note: You can click on signs to choose the class!

    And: please make it to atleast so you can lvl to 30-40 ( if its possible to do more please do 50 )
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  9. Make a separate request for this. Anyways, I'll do this if nobody else wants to. Just to clarify, you want:
    1. Regerate broken ores after a certain amount of time
    2. Allow players to break ores with anything and collect the drops
    3. Please explain the whole Hero level thing as much as possible. I, along with anyone else who comes across this, have no idea what this means.
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    This is like this request. I'm already working on something like this, but without Hero functionality, but I can attempt to integrate it into the plugin.
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    The diffrent classes have some diffrent abilities and then they use diffrent weapons! with other words
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  13. I'm still not sure, but is this what you want?
    • Respawn mined ores after X seconds
    • Players are able to gain resources from mined blocks with EVERYTHING
    • When the server stops (aka the plugin is disabled) you respawn all mined ores.
    • Players get XP for mining (this already happens?)
    • The higher the player level (minecraft level), the more resources you get.
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    Some parts where worng acutaly, The higher level you are the more "ores" you get when you mine them so if I get 1 at the start lvl I will maybe get 8 on lvl 50 or something like that.
    Please disable getting xp from the ores!
  16. Alright, seems fair enough. If no one else takes this, I might give this a shot. Though, I have other requests at the moment, so I'll see what I can do. ;)

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