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    [Ore Regeneration]

    [Plugin Main Idea]

    The aim of this plugin is that when you place any type of ore then hover over it and type something like /or 30 'ore respawn 30 seconds' and mine it you will get resource from the ore, it then changes to basic stone straight after you mine it 'this tells you the ore is depleted', After the 30 second period the stone will be replaced with the ore again telling you the ore is ready to be mined.

    [Main Command Node]
    /or set 30 'Ore regeneration set-time 30'
    /or remove

    [ETA] As soon as possible please.

    [Note] I hope this is quick and easy to do. I would love this for my server, cheers!


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    The problem is: Bob get 2 iron ore every iron ore his mining and he place it and get 2 more and again and again..
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    MineReset sounds similar to what you are requesting.
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    search real hard on bukkit forums because i KNOW there is a plugin that does this (turns ore to bedrock in that version) and has a configurable %chance for the ore to be completely depleted (so they can still run out eventually if you wish it)

    Sorry i cant remember the name :(
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    This reminds me of RuneScape and I was Ironically looking for a plugin like this as well.
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    There's a plugin for this called WomOres. Search for it on BukkitDev.

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